List of Famous people born in 1906

1. Pedro Linares

Pedro Linares
Male. Mexican artisan who was the creator of the papier-mâché figurines named alebrijes
First Name: Pedro
Last Name: Linares
Born on June 29, 1906
Died on January 26, 1992 (aged 85)
Born in Mexico

2. Adolf Eichmann
Otto Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann
Male. German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer
First Name: Adolf
Last Name: Eichmann
Born on March 19, 1906
Died on May 31, 1962 (aged 56)

3. Ed Gein
Edward Theodore Gein

Ed Gein
Male. American murderer and human trophy collector
First Name: Ed
Last Name: Gein
Born on August 27, 1906
Died on July 26, 1984 (aged 77)

4. Henri Charrière

Henri Charrière
Male. French convict and author
First Name: Henri
Last Name: Charrière
Born on November 16, 1906
Died on July 29, 1973 (aged 66)

5. Prithviraj Kapoor

Prithviraj Kapoor
Male. Indian actor
First Name: Prithviraj
Born on November 3, 1906
Died on May 29, 1972 (aged 65)
Born in Pakistan, Punjab

6. Josephine Baker
Freda Josephine McDonald

Josephine Baker
Female. American-born French dancer, singer, and actress
First Name: Josephine
Last Name: Baker
Born on June 3, 1906
Died on April 12, 1975 (aged 68)

7. Puyi

Male. Last Emperor of China
Born on February 7, 1906
Died on October 17, 1967 (aged 61)

8. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark
Female. Greco-Danish princess; sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
First Name: Princess
Last Name: Denmark
Born on May 30, 1906
Died on October 16, 1969 (aged 63)

9. Sergei Korolev

Sergei Korolev
Male. Soviet rocket engineer
First Name: Sergei
Last Name: Korolev
Born on December 30, 1906
Died on January 14, 1966 (aged 59)

10. Faisal of Saudi Arabia

Faisal of Saudi Arabia
Male. King of Saudi Arabia
First Name: Faisal
Last Name: Arabia
Born on April 14, 1906
Died on March 25, 1975 (aged 68)

11. Ilse Koch
Margarete Ilse Köhler

Ilse Koch
Female. German war criminal, wife of Karl-Otto Koch
First Name: Ilse
Born on September 22, 1906
Died on September 1, 1967 (aged 60)
Born in Germany, Saxony

12. Kurt Gödel

Kurt Gödel
Male. Austrian-American logician, mathematician, and philosopher of mathematics
First Name: Kurt
Last Name: Gödel
Born on April 28, 1906
Died on January 14, 1978 (aged 71)

13. Hannah Arendt
Hanna Arendt

Hannah Arendt
Female. Jewish-American political theorist
First Name: Hannah
Last Name: Arendt
Born on October 14, 1906
Died on December 4, 1975 (aged 69)

14. Marcel Carné

Marcel Carné
Male. 1906-1996 French film director
First Name: Marcel
Last Name: Carné
Born on August 18, 1906
Died on October 31, 1996 (aged 90)

15. Aloha Wanderwell

Aloha Wanderwell
Female. Canadian adventurer
First Name: Aloha
Born on October 13, 1906
Died on June 4, 1996 (aged 89)
Born in Canada, Manitoba

16. Zhou Youguang

Zhou Youguang
Male. Chinese linguist, sinologist
First Name: Zhou
Last Name: Youguang
Born on January 13, 1906
Died on January 14, 2017 (aged 111)

17. John Huettner

John Huettner
Male. sailor
First Name: John
Last Name: Huettner
Born on October 21, 1906
Died on August 4, 1970 (aged 63)

18. Eisuke Yoshiyuki

Eisuke Yoshiyuki
Male. Japanese writer and poet
First Name: Eisuke
Born on May 10, 1906
Died on July 8, 1940 (aged 34)

19. Douglas Nicholls

Douglas Nicholls
Male. Governor of South Australia (1976-77)
First Name: Douglas
Last Name: Nicholls
Born on December 9, 1906
Died on June 4, 1988 (aged 81)

20. Fazıl Küçük

Fazıl Küçük
Male. Turkish Cypriot politician (1906-1984)
First Name: Fazıl
Last Name: Küçük
Born on March 14, 1906
Died on January 15, 1984 (aged 77)
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