List of Famous People Born in 1905

1. Una Marson

Una Marson
Female. Jamaican writer
First Name: Una
Last Name: Marson
Born on May 5, 1905
Died on May 6, 1965 (aged 60)
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2. Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong
Female. Chinese American actress
First Name: Anna
Last Name: Wong
Born on January 3, 1905
Died on February 3, 1961 (aged 56)
Height: 165 cm | 5'5
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3. Bumpy Johnson

Bumpy Johnson
Male. African-American mobster
First Name: Bumpy
Born on October 31, 1905
Died on July 7, 1968 (aged 62)
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4. Sada Abe

Sada Abe
Female. Japanese murderer
First Name: Sada
Last Name: Abe
Born on May 28, 1905 (age 117)
Born in Japan, Tokyo
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5. Christian Dior

Christian Dior
Male. Popular French fashion designer
First Name: Christian
Last Name: Dior
Born on January 21, 1905
Died on October 23, 1957 (aged 52)
Born in France, Normandy
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6. Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones
Male. Welsh journalist
First Name: Gareth
Born on August 13, 1905
Died on August 12, 1935 (aged 29)
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7. Reda Caire
Joseph Antoine Édouard Gandour

Reda Caire
Male. French singer with Egyptian origin
First Name: Reda
Last Name: Caire
Born on February 14, 1905
Died on September 9, 1963 (aged 58)
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8. Santa Maria Faustina Kostka
Helena Kowalska

Santa Maria Faustina Kostka
Female. nun and saint from Poland
First Name: Santa
Last Name: Kostka
Born on August 25, 1905
Died on October 5, 1938 (aged 33)

9. Kay Francis

Kay Francis
Female. actress (1905-1968)
First Name: Kay
Last Name: Francis
Born on January 13, 1905
Died on August 26, 1968 (aged 63)
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10. Dag Hammarskjöld

Dag Hammarskjöld
Male. Swedish diplomat, economist, and author
First Name: Dag
Last Name: Hammarskjöld
Born on July 29, 1905
Died on September 18, 1961 (aged 56)

11. Otōemon Hiroeda

Otōemon Hiroeda
Male. Japanese police officer
First Name: Otōemon
Born on December 23, 1905
Died on February 23, 1945 (aged 39)

12. Yusif Mammadaliyev

Yusif Mammadaliyev
Male. Azerbaijani chemist
First Name: Yusif
Born on December 31, 1905
Died on December 15, 1961 (aged 55)
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13. Clara Bow

Clara Bow
Female. American actress and sex-symbol
First Name: Clara
Last Name: Bow
Born on July 29, 1905
Died on September 27, 1965 (aged 60)
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14. Wolfram Sievers

Wolfram Sievers
Male. German manager of the Ahnenerbe organization
First Name: Wolfram
Last Name: Sievers
Born on July 10, 1905
Died on June 2, 1948 (aged 42)
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15. Robert Newton

Robert Newton
Male. English stage and film actor
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Newton
Born on June 1, 1905
Died on March 25, 1956 (aged 50)
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16. Kurt Gerstein

Kurt Gerstein
Male. SS officer
First Name: Kurt
Last Name: Gerstein
Born on August 11, 1905
Died on July 25, 1945 (aged 39)
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17. Franchot Tone
Stanislaus Pascal Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone
Male. American stage and film actor
First Name: Franchot
Born on February 27, 1905
Died on September 18, 1968 (aged 63)
Height: 179 cm | 5'10
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18. Red Nichols

Red Nichols
Male. American jazz musician
First Name: Red
Last Name: Nichols
Born on May 8, 1905
Died on June 28, 1965 (aged 60)
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19. Erika Mann

Erika Mann
Female. German actress and writer
First Name: Erika
Last Name: Mann
Born on November 9, 1905
Died on August 27, 1969 (aged 63)
Born in Germany, Bavaria
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20. Vasily Grossman
Иосиф Соломонович Гроссман

Vasily Grossman
Male. Russian Soviet writer and journalist (1905-1964)
First Name: Vasily
Born on November 29, 1905
Died on September 14, 1964 (aged 58)
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