List of Famous people with last name Mulligan

1. Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan
Female. English actress
First Name: Carey
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on May 28, 1985 (age 36)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"

2. Hercules Mulligan

Hercules Mulligan
Male. tailor and spy during the American Revolutionary War
First Name: Hercules
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on September 25, 1740
Died on March 4, 1825 (aged 84)

3. Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack Mulligan
Male. American professional wrestler and American football player
First Name: Blackjack
Died on April 7, 2016 (aged 46)

4. Cynthia Mulligan

Cynthia Mulligan
Female. Canadian TV presenter
First Name: Cynthia
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on November 30, 1900 (age 120)

5. Gerry Mulligan

Gerry Mulligan
Male. American jazz baritone saxophonist, arranger and composer
First Name: Gerry
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on April 6, 1927
Died on January 20, 1996 (aged 68)

6. Gladys Mulligan

Gladys Mulligan
Female. died 1947
First Name: Gladys
Last Name: Mulligan
Died on May 16, 1947

7. Richard Mulligan

Richard Mulligan
Male. American actor (1932-2000)
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on November 13, 1932
Died on September 26, 2000 (aged 67)

8. Kevin Mulligan

Kevin Mulligan
Male. British philosopher
First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on June 23, 1951 (age 70)

9. Robert Mulligan

Robert Mulligan
Male. American film and television director
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on August 23, 1925
Died on December 20, 2008 (aged 83)

10. Terry David Mulligan

Terry David Mulligan
Male. Canadian actor
First Name: Terry
Last Name: Mulligan
Born on June 30, 1942 (age 79)

11. Edric Thetis Mulligan

Edric Thetis Mulligan
Male. Peerage person ID=575722
First Name: Edric
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Last Name
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