List of Famous people who born in 1932

Manmohan Singh

First Name Manmohan
Born on September 26, 1932 (age 91)
Born in Pakistan, Punjab

Manmohan Singh is an Indian economist, academic, and politician who served as the 13th Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014. The first Sikh in office, Singh was also the first prime minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to be re-elected after completing a full five-year term.

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No Kum-Sok

First Name No
Last Name Kum-Sok
Born on January 10, 1932 (age 92)

Kenneth H. Rowe is a Korean American engineer and aviator who served as a senior lieutenant in the Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force during the Korean War. Approximately two months after the end of hostilities, he defected to South Korea in a MiG-15 aircraft, and was subsequently granted political asylum in the United States.

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Igor Kirillov

First Name Igor
Born on September 14, 1932
Died on October 29, 2021 (aged 89)
Born in Russia

Igor Leonidovich Kirillov is a prominent former news anchor for Central Television of the USSR, the main state broadcaster of the Soviet Union. He was an announcer for the 9:00pm CT USSR news program Vremya.

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Horst Eckel

First Name Horst
Last Name Eckel
Born on February 8, 1932
Died on December 3, 2021 (aged 89)
Height 180 cm | 5'11

Horst Eckel is a former German footballer who was part of the West German team that won the 1954 FIFA World Cup. Since the death of Hans Schäfer in 2017, Eckel is the only player still alive from the team.

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Loretta Lynn

Loretta Webb
First Name Loretta
Height 155 cm | 5'1

Loretta Lynn is an American singer songwriter. In a career which spans six decades in country music, Lynn has released multiple gold albums. She is famous for hits such as "You Ain't Woman Enough ", "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' ", "One's on the Way", "Fist City" and "Coal Miner's Daughter" along with the 1980 biographical film of the same name.

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Jerry Douglas

Gerald Rubenstein
First Name Jerry
Born on November 12, 1932
Died on November 9, 2021 (aged 88)

Jerry Douglas is an American television and film actor. For 25 years Jerry Douglas reigned in fictional Genoa City as patriarch John Abbott on the daytime television serial The Young and the Restless. In 2006, his character was killed off. However, he has made special appearances since then.

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Little Richard

Richard Wayne Penniman
First Name Little
Last Name Richard
Born on December 5, 1932 (age 91)

Richard Wayne Penniman, known as Little Richard, was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He was an influential figure in popular music and culture for seven decades. Nicknamed "The Innovator, The Originator, and The Architect of Rock and Roll," Richard's most celebrated work dates from the mid-1950s, when his charismatic showmanship and dynamic music, characterized by frenetic piano playing, pounding back beat and raspy shouted vocals, laid the foundation for rock and roll. Richard's innovative emotive vocalizations and uptempo rhythmic music also played a key role in the formation of other popular music genres, including soul and funk. He influenced numerous singers and musicians across musical genres from rock to hip hop; his music helped shape rhythm and blues for generations.

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Donald Rumsfeld

First Name Donald
Last Name Rumsfeld
Born on July 9, 1932
Died on June 29, 2021 (aged 88)

Donald Henry Rumsfeld is a retired American politician. Rumsfeld served as Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under Gerald Ford, and again from January 2001 to December 2006 under George W. Bush. He is both the youngest and the second-oldest person to have served as Secretary of Defense. Additionally, Rumsfeld was a three-term U.S. Congressman from Illinois (1963–69), director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969–70), counsellor to the president (1969–73), the United States Permanent Representative to NATO (1973–74), and White House Chief of Staff (1974–75). Between his terms as Secretary of Defense, he served as the CEO and chairman of several companies.

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Joe Arpaio

Joseph Michael Arpaio
First Name Joe
Last Name Arpaio
Born on June 14, 1932 (age 92)

Joseph Michael Arpaio is an American former law enforcement officer and politician. He served as the 36th Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years, from 1993 to 2017, losing reelection to Democrat Paul Penzone in 2016.

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Sylvia Plath

First Name Sylvia
Last Name Plath
Born on October 27, 1932
Died on February 11, 1963 (aged 30)

Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist, and short-story writer. She is credited with advancing the genre of confessional poetry and is best known for two of her published collections, The Colossus and Other Poems and Ariel, as well as The Bell Jar, a semi-autobiographical novel published shortly before her death. In 1981 The Collected Poems were published, including many previously unpublished works. For this collection Plath was awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1982, making her the first to receive this honour posthumously.

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