List of Famous People who died at 89

1. Roger Moore
Roger George Moore

Roger Moore
Male. English actor (1927–2017)
First Name: Roger
Last Name: Moore
Born on October 14, 1927
Died on May 23, 2017 (aged 89)
Height: 186 cm | 6'1
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2. Whitey Bulger
James Joseph Bulger

Whitey Bulger
Male. American gangster and crime boss (1929-2018)
First Name: Whitey
Born on September 3, 1929
Died on October 30, 2018 (aged 89)
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3. James Stewart
James Maitland Stewart

James Stewart
Male. American actor (1908-1997)
First Name: James
Last Name: Stewart
Born on May 20, 1908
Died on July 2, 1997 (aged 89)
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4. Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby
Male. American automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur (1923-2012)
First Name: Carroll
Last Name: Shelby
Born on January 11, 1923
Died on May 10, 2012 (aged 89)
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5. Simone Veil
Simone Annie Liline Jacob

Simone Veil
Female. French stateswoman
First Name: Simone
Last Name: Veil
Born on July 13, 1927
Died on June 30, 2017 (aged 89)

6. J. R. D. Tata

J. R. D. Tata
Male. Indian businessman
First Name: J.
Last Name: Tata
Born on July 29, 1904
Died on November 29, 1993 (aged 89)
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7. Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson
Male. American country singer-songwriter
First Name: Stonewall
Born on November 6, 1932
Died on December 4, 2021 (aged 89)

8. Har Gobind Khorana

Har Gobind Khorana
Male. Indian-American molecular biologist (1922-2011)
First Name: Har
Born on January 9, 1922
Died on November 9, 2011 (aged 89)
Born in Pakistan, Punjab

9. Harper Lee
Nelle Harper Lee

Harper Lee
Female. American author
First Name: Harper
Last Name: Lee
Born on April 28, 1926
Died on February 19, 2016 (aged 89)

10. Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth
Male. British presenter, actor, comedian, singer, dancer, and screenwriter
First Name: Bruce
Last Name: Forsyth
Born on February 22, 1928
Died on August 18, 2017 (aged 89)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11

11. Minnie Miñoso
Saturnino Orestes Arrieta Armas

Minnie Miñoso
Male. Cuban baseball player
First Name: Minnie
Born on November 29, 1925
Died on March 1, 2015 (aged 89)

12. Lauren Bacall
Betty Joan Perske

Lauren Bacall
Female. American actress (1924-2014)
First Name: Lauren
Last Name: Bacall
Born on September 16, 1924
Died on August 12, 2014 (aged 89)
Height: 171 cm | 5'7
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13. Basil Brown
Basil John Wait Brown

Male. British archaeologist
First Name: Basil
Last Name: Brown
Born on January 22, 1888
Died on January 1, 1977 (aged 88)

14. Ahmed Sefrioui

Male. Moroccan writer
First Name: Ahmed
Last Name: Sefrioui
Died on February 29, 2004 (aged 34)

15. Ross Perot

Ross Perot
Male. American businessman and politician (1930–2019)
First Name: Ross
Last Name: Perot
Born on June 27, 1930
Died on July 9, 2019 (aged 89)
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16. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde

Female. Nurse and academic
First Name: Ildaura
Born on September 6, 1920
Died on September 5, 2010 (aged 89)

17. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Male. Russian writer and historian (1918–2008)
First Name: Aleksandr
Died on August 3, 2008 (aged 38)

18. Martin Landau
Martin James Landau

Martin Landau
Male. American actor and acting coach (1928–2017)
First Name: Martin
Last Name: Landau
Born on June 20, 1928
Died on July 15, 2017 (aged 89)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2

19. Conrad Bain
Conrad Stafford Bain

Conrad Bain
Male. Canadian-American actor, personality, entertainer, and activist (1923-2013)
First Name: Conrad
Last Name: Bain
Born on February 4, 1923
Died on January 14, 2013 (aged 89)
Born in Canada, Alberta
Height: 178 cm | 5'10

20. Dad of the Michael Jackson
Joseph Walter Jackson

Dad of the Michael Jackson
Male. American music manager and father of the Jackson family (1928-2018)
Born on July 26, 1928
Died on June 27, 2018 (aged 89)
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