List of Famous People Born in 1923

1. Bob Dole

Bob Dole
Male. American politician
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Dole
Born on July 22, 1923 (age 99)
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2. Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell
Male. Czechoslovakian-born British media proprietor and Member of Parliament
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Maxwell
Born on June 10, 1923
Died on November 5, 1991 (aged 68)
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3. Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby
Male. American automotive designer, racing driver, and entrepreneur.
First Name: Carroll
Last Name: Shelby
Born on January 11, 1923
Died on May 10, 2012 (aged 89)
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4. Henry Kissinger
Heinz Alfred Kissinger

Henry Kissinger
Male. United States Secretary of State
First Name: Henry
Last Name: Kissinger
Born on May 27, 1923 (age 99)
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5. N. T. Rama Rao

N. T. Rama Rao
Male. Indian actor and Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
First Name: N.
Last Name: Rao
Born on May 28, 1923
Died on January 18, 1996 (aged 72)
Born in India
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6. Lidiya Vertinskaya
Лидия Владимировна Циргвава

Lidiya Vertinskaya
Female. Soviet actress
First Name: Lidiya
Born on April 14, 1923
Died on December 31, 2013 (aged 90)

7. Colin Jordan

Colin Jordan
Male. British holocaust denier (1923-2009)
First Name: Colin
Last Name: Jordan
Born on June 19, 1923
Died on April 9, 2009 (aged 85)

8. Bob Barker

Bob Barker
Male. American game show host
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Barker
Born on December 12, 1923 (age 98)
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9. Hank Williams
Hiriam Williams

Hank Williams
Male. American recording artist; songwriter, country music singer
First Name: Hank
Last Name: Williams
Born on September 17, 1923
Died on January 1, 1953 (aged 29)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0
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10. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
Female. Soviet resistance member of World War II and Heroine of the Soviet Union
First Name: Zoya
Born on September 13, 1923
Died on November 29, 1941 (aged 18)
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11. Lola Flores
Maria Dolores Flores Ruiz

Lola Flores
Female. Spanish actor, singer and dancer
First Name: Lola
Born on January 21, 1923
Died on May 16, 1995 (aged 72)
Born in Spain, Andalusia

12. Glynis Johns

Glynis Johns
Female. Welsh stage and film actress, dancer, pianist and singer
First Name: Glynis
Born on October 5, 1923 (age 98)
Height: 163 cm | 5'4
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13. Virginia Halas McCaskey

Virginia Halas McCaskey
Female. American football executive
First Name: Virginia
Last Name: McCaskey
Born on January 5, 1923 (age 99)
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14. Richard Attenborough
Richard Samuel Attenborough

Richard Attenborough
Male. English actor, film director and producer
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Attenborough
Born on August 29, 1923
Died on August 24, 2014 (aged 90)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7
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15. Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame
Female. American actress (1923-1981)
First Name: Gloria
Last Name: Grahame
Born on November 28, 1923
Died on October 5, 1981 (aged 57)
Height: 166 cm | 5'5

16. Conrad Bain
Conrad Stafford Bain

Conrad Bain
Male. Canadian-American actor, personality, entertainer, and activist
First Name: Conrad
Last Name: Bain
Born on February 4, 1923
Died on January 14, 2013 (aged 89)
Born in Canada, Alberta
Height: 178 cm | 5'10

17. Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager
Male. American World War II flying ace and test pilot; first pilot to fly faster than sound
First Name: Chuck
Last Name: Yeager
Born on February 13, 1923 (age 99)
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18. René Favaloro
René Gerónimo Favaloro Thaut

René Favaloro
Male. Argentinian cardiologist
First Name: René
Last Name: Favaloro
Born on July 12, 1923
Died on July 29, 2000 (aged 77)

19. Janaki Ramachandran
Vaïkom Narayani Janaki

Janaki Ramachandran
Female. Indian actor and politician
First Name: Janaki
Last Name: Ramachandran
Born on November 30, 1923
Died on May 19, 1996 (aged 72)
Born in India

20. Alan Shepard

Alan Shepard
Male. American astronaut
First Name: Alan
Last Name: Shepard
Born on November 18, 1923
Died on July 21, 1998 (aged 74)
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