List of Famous people born on September 13rd

1. Jean Smart

Jean Smart
Female. American actress
First Name: Jean
Last Name: Smart
Born on September 13, 1951 (age 70)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"

2. Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller
Male. German association football player
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Müller
Born on September 13, 1989 (age 32)
Born in Germany, Bavaria
Height: 186 cm | 6'1"
Footballer, Sportsperson

3. Zoë Buckman

Zoë Buckman
Female. English artist and photographer
First Name: Zoë
Last Name: Buckman
Born on September 13, 1985 (age 36)

4. Jordan Bardella

Jordan Bardella
Male. French politician
First Name: Jordan
Last Name: Bardella
Born on September 13, 1995 (age 26)

5. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
Female. Soviet resistance member of World War II and Heroine of the Soviet Union
First Name: Zoya
Born on September 13, 1923
Died on November 29, 1941 (aged 18)

6. Rosemary Kennedy

Rosemary Kennedy
Female. younger sister to John F. Kennedy
First Name: Rosemary
Born on September 13, 1918
Died on January 7, 2005 (aged 86)

7. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
Male. American businessman, author, adventurer, traveler, civil servant, politician and army officer
First Name: Theodore
Last Name: Jr.
Born on September 13, 1887
Died on July 12, 1944 (aged 56)

8. Joel Pohjanpalo

Joel Pohjanpalo
Male. Finnish footballer
First Name: Joel
Last Name: Pohjanpalo
Born on September 13, 1994 (age 27)
Born in Finland, Uusimaa
Height: 184 cm | 6'0"
Footballer, Sportsperson

9. John W. Henry

John W. Henry
Male. American businessman
First Name: John
Last Name: Henry
Born on September 13, 1949 (age 72)

10. Henrik Enderlein

Henrik Enderlein
Male. German political scientist and economist
First Name: Henrik
Born on September 13, 1974 (age 47)

11. Goran Ivanišević

Goran Ivanišević
Male. Croatian tennis player
First Name: Goran
Born on September 13, 1971 (age 50)
Height: 193 cm | 6'4"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

12. Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka
Male. Japanese professional baseball pitcher
First Name: Daisuke
Last Name: Matsuzaka
Born on September 13, 1980 (age 41)
Born in Japan, Tokyo
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"
Baseballer, Sportsperson

13. Maria Furtwängler

Maria Furtwängler
Female. German actress
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Furtwängler
Born on September 13, 1966 (age 55)
Born in Germany, Bavaria

14. Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl
Male. British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter
First Name: Roald
Born on September 13, 1916
Died on November 23, 1990 (aged 74)

15. Swizz Beatz
Kasseem Dean

Swizz Beatz
Male. American record producer, DJ, rapper and hype man from New York

16. Olivier Kahn

Olivier Kahn
Male. French chemist
First Name: Olivier
Last Name: Kahn
Born on September 13, 1942
Died on December 8, 1999 (aged 57)

17. Chase Hooper

Chase Hooper
Male. American mixed martial artist (born 1999)
First Name: Chase
Last Name: Hooper
Born on September 13, 1999 (age 22)

18. Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing
Male. French fashion designer
First Name: Olivier
Last Name: Rousteing
Born on September 13, 1985 (age 36)

19. Jacqueline Bisset
Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset
Female. actress
First Name: Jacqueline
Born on September 13, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7"

20. Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano
Female. Japanese voice actress
First Name: Ai
Last Name: Kayano
Born on September 13, 1987 (age 34)
Born in Japan
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