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List of Famous people born in 1951

1. Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Male. American actor and stand-up comedian (1951-2014)
First Name: Robin
Last Name: Williams
Born on July 21, 1951
Died on August 11, 2014 (aged 63)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

2. Jill Biden

Jill Biden
Female. American educator and academic; former Second Lady of the United States
First Name: Jill
Last Name: Biden
Born on June 5, 1951 (age 69)

3. Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill
Male. American actor, producer, director, and writer
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Hamill
Born on September 25, 1951 (age 69)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

4. Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell
Male. American actor
First Name: Kurt
Last Name: Russell
Born on March 17, 1951 (age 70)
Height: 176 cm | 5'9"

5. Ben Carson

Ben Carson
Male. 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; American neurosurgeon
First Name: Ben
Last Name: Carson
Born on September 18, 1951 (age 69)

6. John Deacon

John Deacon
Male. British musician, guitarist, songwriter
First Name: John
Last Name: Deacon
Born on August 19, 1951 (age 69)

7. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

Male. American commercial airline pilot, safety expert and accident investigator
Born on January 23, 1951 (age 70)

8. Nick Saban

Nick Saban
Male. football coach from the United States
First Name: Nick
Born on October 31, 1951 (age 69)

9. Stellan Skarsgård

Stellan Skarsgård
Male. Swedish actor
Last Name: Skarsgård
Born on June 13, 1951 (age 69)
Height: 191 cm | 6'3"

10. Phil Collins

Phil Collins
Male. English recording artist, musician, songwriter, actor
First Name: Phil
Last Name: Collins
Born on January 30, 1951 (age 70)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"

11. Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-Luc Mélenchon
Male. French politician
First Name: Jean-Luc
Born on August 19, 1951 (age 69)

12. Sting

Male. English musician
Born on October 2, 1951 (age 69)

13. Mick Mars

Mick Mars
Male. American musician
First Name: Mick
Last Name: Mars
Born on May 4, 1951 (age 69)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"

14. Prabowo Subianto

Prabowo Subianto
Male. Indonesian politician, current Minister of Defence
Born on October 17, 1951 (age 69)
Born in Indonesia

15. Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman
Male. French recording artist; singer-songwriter
First Name: Jean-Jacques
Last Name: Goldman
Born on October 11, 1951 (age 69)

16. Ren Ōsugi

Ren Ōsugi
Male. Japanese actor
First Name: Ren
Born on September 27, 1951
Died on February 21, 2018 (aged 66)

17. Elijah Cummings

Elijah Cummings
Male. U.S. Representative from Maryland
First Name: Elijah
Last Name: Cummings
Born on January 18, 1951
Died on October 17, 2019 (aged 68)

18. Sergei Skripal

Sergei Skripal
Male. former Russian military intelligence officer convicted of spying for the United Kingdom
First Name: Sergei
Born on June 23, 1951 (age 69)

19. Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri
Male. Italian footballer and manager
First Name: Claudio
Last Name: Ranieri
Born on October 20, 1951 (age 69)
Born in Italy, Lazio
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"
Footballer, Sportsperson, Football-manager

20. Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov
Male. Russian singer
First Name: Oleg
Born on July 22, 1951 (age 69)
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