List of Famous people who died at 92

Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise McCauley
First Name Rosa
Last Name Parks
Born on February 4, 1913
Died on October 24, 2005 (aged 92)

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. The United States Congress has called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement".

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Barbara Bush

Barbara Pierce
First Name Barbara
Last Name Bush
Born on June 8, 1925
Died on April 17, 2018 (aged 92)

Barbara Bush was the first lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993 as the wife of George H. W. Bush, who served as the 41st president of the United States, and founder of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She previously was the second lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Among her six children are George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, and Jeb Bush, the 43rd governor of Florida. She and Abigail Adams are the only two women to be married to one U.S. president and the mother of another.

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Charlotte Rae

First Name Charlotte
Last Name Rae
Born on April 22, 1926
Died on August 5, 2018 (aged 92)
Height 152 cm | 5'0

Charlotte Rae Lubotsky, known professionally as Charlotte Rae, was an American character actress, comedienne, and singer whose career spanned six decades.

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Jean d'Ormesson

Jean Bruno Wladimir François-de-Paule Lefèvre d'Ormesson
First Name Jean
Last Name D'Ormesson
Born on June 16, 1925
Died on December 5, 2017 (aged 92)

Jean Bruno Wladimir François de Paule Le Fèvre d'Ormesson was a French novelist. He was the author of forty books, the director of Le Figaro from 1974 to 1979, and the Dean of the Académie française.

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Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis McAlpin Stewart
First Name Phyllis
Born on August 15, 1924
Died on September 5, 2016 (aged 92)

Phyllis Stewart Schlafly was an American attorney, conservative activist and author. She held traditional conservative social and political views, opposed feminism, gay rights and abortion, and successfully campaigned against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. She was opposed in turn by moderates and liberals for her attitudes on sex, gender roles, homosexuality and a number of other issues. More than three million copies of her self-published book, A Choice Not an Echo (1964), a polemic against Republican leader Nelson Rockefeller, were sold or distributed for free. Schlafly co-authored books on national defense and was critical of arms control agreements with the Soviet Union. In 1972, Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum, a conservative political interest group, and remained its chair and CEO until her death in 2016 while staying active in traditional conservative causes.

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Ravi Shankar

First Name Ravi
Last Name Shankar
Born on April 7, 1920
Died on December 11, 2012 (aged 92)
Born in India

Ravi Shankar, whose name is often preceded by the title Pandit (Master), was an Indian sitar virtuoso and a composer. He was the best-known proponent of the sitar in the second half of the 20th century and influenced many other musicians throughout the world. Shankar was awarded India's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1999.

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Harold Macmillan

First Name Harold
Last Name Macmillan
Born on February 10, 1894
Died on December 29, 1986 (aged 92)

Maurice Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, was a British Conservative politician who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1963. Caricatured as "Supermac", he was known for his pragmatism, wit and unflappability.

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Deng Xiaoping

First Name Deng
Last Name Xiaoping
Born on August 22, 1904
Died on February 19, 1997 (aged 92)

Deng Xiaoping, also spelled as Teng Hsiao-ping was a Chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the People's Republic of China from 1978 until his resignation in November 1989. After Chairman Mao Zedong's death in 1976, Deng gradually rose to power and led China through a series of far-reaching market-economy reforms, which earned him the reputation as the "Architect of Modern China".

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Leo Sharp

First Name Leo
Last Name Sharp
Born on May 7, 1924
Died on December 12, 2016 (aged 92)

Leo Earl Sharp Sr., also known as El Tata, was an American World War II veteran, horticulturist, and drug courier for a branch of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.

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Robert Byrd

Robert Carlyle Byrd
First Name Robert
Last Name Byrd
Born on November 20, 1917
Died on June 28, 2010 (aged 92)

Robert Carlyle Byrd was an American politician who served as a United States Senator from West Virginia for over 51 years, from 1959 until his death in 2010. A member of the Democratic Party, Byrd also served as a U.S. Representative for six years, from 1953 until 1959. He remains the longest-serving U.S. Senator in history; he was the longest-serving member in the history of the United States Congress until surpassed by Representative John Dingell of Michigan. He was the last remaining member of the U.S. Senate to have served during the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, and he was the last remaining member of Congress to have served during the presidency of Harry S. Truman. Byrd is also the only West Virginian to have served in both chambers of the state legislature and both chambers of Congress.

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Robert Moses

First Name Robert
Last Name Moses
Born on December 18, 1888
Died on July 29, 1981 (aged 92)

Robert Moses was an American public official who worked mainly in the New York metropolitan area. Known as the "master builder" of mid-20th century New York City, Long Island, Rockland County, and Westchester County, he is sometimes compared to Baron Haussmann of Second Empire Paris, and was one of the most polarizing figures in the history of urban development in the United States. His decisions favoring highways over public transit helped create the modern suburbs of Long Island and influenced a generation of engineers, architects, and urban planners who spread his philosophies across the nation despite his not having been trained in those professions. Moses would call himself a "coordinator" and was referred to in the media as a "master builder".

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John Dingell, Jr.

First Name John
Last Name Jr.
Born on July 8, 1926
Died on February 7, 2019 (aged 92)

John David Dingell Jr. was an American politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1955 until 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, he holds the record for longest-serving member of Congress in American history, representing Michigan for more than 59 years. He most recently served as the representative for Michigan's 12th congressional district. A longtime member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Dingell was the chairman of the committee from 1981 to 1995 and 2007 to 2009.

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Diana Douglas

First Name Diana
Last Name Douglas
Born on January 22, 1923
Died on July 3, 2015 (aged 92)
Born in United Kingdom

Diana Love Webster was an American actress born in Bermuda who was known for her marriage to actor Kirk Douglas from 1943 until their divorce in 1951. She was the mother of Michael and Joel Douglas.

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Earl Old Person

First Name Earl
Last Name Person
Born on April 13, 1929
Died on October 13, 2021 (aged 92)

Earl Old Person was an American Indian political leader and the honorary lifetime chief of the Blackfeet Nation in Montana, United States.

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Clifford Rose

First Name Clifford
Last Name Rose
Born on October 24, 1929
Died on November 6, 2021 (aged 92)

Clifford Rose was a British actor.

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Don Bradmam

First Name Don
Last Name Bradmam
Born on August 27, 1908
Died on February 25, 2001 (aged 92)
Height 173 cm | 5'8

Sir Donald George Bradman, AC, nicknamed "The Don", was an Australian international cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman's career Test batting average of 99.94 has been cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.

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Shizo Kanakuri

First Name Shizo
Born on August 20, 1891
Died on November 13, 1983 (aged 92)
Height 170 cm | 5'7

Shizo Kanakuri was a Japanese marathon runner and one of the early leaders of track and field athletics in Japan. He has been celebrated as the "father of marathon" in Japan.

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Gisela May

First Name Gisela
Born on May 31, 1924
Died on December 2, 2016 (aged 92)
Born in Germany, Hesse

Gisela May was a German actress and singer.

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Freddie Oversteegen

First Name Freddie
Born on September 6, 1925
Died on September 5, 2018 (aged 92)

Freddie Nanda Dekker-Oversteegen was a Dutch communist resistance member during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

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Walter Cronkite

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr.
First Name Walter
Last Name Cronkite
Born on November 4, 1916
Died on July 17, 2009 (aged 92)

Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. was an American broadcast journalist who served as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years (1962–1981). During the 1960s and 1970s, he was often cited as "the most trusted man in America" after being so named in an opinion poll. Cronkite reported many events from 1937 to 1981, including bombings in World War II; the Nuremberg trials; combat in the Vietnam War; the Dawson's Field hijackings; Watergate; the Iran Hostage Crisis; and the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King Jr., and Beatles musician John Lennon. He was also known for his extensive coverage of the U.S. space program, from Project Mercury to the Moon landings to the Space Shuttle. He was the only non-NASA recipient of an Ambassador of Exploration award. Cronkite is known for his departing catchphrase, "And that's the way it is", followed by the date of the broadcast.

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