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List of Famous People named Dennis

Name Dennis is among the most common names in USA, England, Canada. Similar names: Denis, Denise, Denys, Denes, Deniz, Denyse, Deneys, Denisa, Denniz. Here are some famous Dennises:
86th in USA 19th in Kenya 58th in Philippines 156th in England 104th in Ghana 117th in Canada 560th in Nigeria 45th in Netherlands 361st in Germany 381st in South Africa 315th in Uganda 195th in Zambia 202nd in Australia 256th in Malawi 665th in Tanzania 113rd in Denmark 248th in Zimbabwe 192nd in Sweden 184th in Honduras 629th in Peru 147th in New Zealand 96th in Jamaica 138th in Wales 189th in Liberia 493rd in Ecuador 940th in Colombia 227th in Costa Rica 934th in Malaysia 597th in Belgium 258th in Scotland 332nd in Papua New Guinea 171st in Northern Ireland 726th in Bolivia 317th in Ireland 765th in Chile 863rd in Guatemala 124th in Trinidad and Tobago 25th in Suriname 374th in Namibia 49th in Guyana 523rd in El Salvador 862nd in Nicaragua 437th in Puerto Rico 760th in Oman 127th in Bahamas 775th in Norway 114th in Barbados 1189th in Switzerland 81st in Belize 1009th in Austria 337th in Solomon Islands 35th in Bermuda 94th in Jersey 49th in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 97th in U.S. Virgin Islands 325th in Paraguay 106th in Grenada 1072nd in Uruguay 51st in Saint Kitts and Nevis 392nd in Brunei 171st in Antigua and Barbuda 1280th in Belarus 204th in Micronesia 147th in Cayman Islands 109th in Turks and Caicos Islands 606th in St. Lucia 140th in British Virgin Islands 223rd in Marshall Islands 1327th in Hungary 662nd in Moldova 87th in Anguilla 576th in Luxembourg 197th in Cook Islands 353rd in San Marino 182nd in Nauru 613rd in Monaco 839th in Faroe Islands 72nd in Falkland Islands 243rd in Saint Helena 361st in Montserrat 882nd in Andorra 972nd in Liechtenstein 1150th in Dominica 383rd in Isle of Man 1st in Pitcairn

1. Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman
Male. American basketball player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Rodman
Born on May 13, 1961 (age 61)
Height: 199 cm | 6'6
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2. Dennis Rader
Dennis Lynn Rader

Dennis Rader
Male. American serial killer (born 1945)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Rader
Born on March 9, 1945 (age 77)
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3. Dennis Nilsen
Dennis Andrew Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen
Male. Scottish serial killer
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Nilsen
Born on November 23, 1945
Died on May 12, 2018 (aged 72)
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4. Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid
Male. American actor
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Quaid
Born on April 9, 1954 (age 68)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0
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5. Dennis Schröder

Dennis Schröder
Male. German basketball player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Schröder
Born on September 15, 1993 (age 29)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1

6. Dennis Hastert

Dennis Hastert
Male. American politician and convicted criminal
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Hastert
Born on January 2, 1942 (age 80)
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7. Dennis Wise
Dennis Frank Wise

Dennis Wise
Male. English football player and manager (born 1966)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Wise
Born on December 16, 1966 (age 55)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6
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8. Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper
Male. American actor and filmmaker (1936–2010)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Hopper
Born on May 17, 1936
Died on May 29, 2010 (aged 74)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8
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9. Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof
Male. American entrepreneur
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Hof
Died on October 16, 2018 (aged 48)

10. Dennis Franks

Male. American football player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Franks
Born on May 29, 1953
Died on October 16, 2021 (aged 68)

11. Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson
Male. American musician (1944-1983)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Wilson
Born on December 4, 1944
Died on December 28, 1983 (aged 39)
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12. Dennis Sarfate

Dennis Sarfate
Male. American baseball player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Sarfate
Born on April 9, 1981 (age 41)
Height: 193 cm | 6'4
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13. Dennis Aogo

Dennis Aogo
Male. German association football player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Aogo
Born on January 14, 1987 (age 35)
Height: 184 cm | 6'0
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14. Dennis Skinner

Dennis Skinner
Male. British politician (born 1932)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Skinner
Born on February 11, 1932 (age 90)
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15. Dennis Edwards

Dennis Edwards
Male. American singer (1943-2018)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Edwards
Born on February 3, 1943
Died on February 1, 2018 (aged 74)

16. Dennis Green

Dennis Green
Male. American football coach
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Green
Born on February 17, 1949
Died on July 22, 2016 (aged 67)

17. Dennis Smith Jr.

Dennis Smith Jr.
Male. American basketball player
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Jr.
Born on November 25, 1997 (age 25)
Height: 191 cm | 6'3
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18. Dennis Diekmeier

Dennis Diekmeier
Male. German footballer
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Diekmeier
Born on October 20, 1989 (age 33)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2
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19. Dennis M. Ritchie
Thomas Koskum

Dennis M. Ritchie
Male. American computer scientist
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Ritchie
Born on September 9, 1941
Died on October 12, 2011 (aged 70)

20. Dennis Byrd

Dennis Byrd
Male. Player of American football (1966-2016)
First Name: Dennis
Last Name: Byrd
Born on October 5, 1966
Died on October 15, 2016 (aged 50)
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