List of Famous People Born in 1901

1. Walt Disney
Walter Elias Disney

Walt Disney
Male. American film producer and businessman
First Name: Walt
Last Name: Disney
Born on December 5, 1901
Died on December 15, 1966 (aged 65)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10
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2. Meg Johnson

Meg Johnson
Female. American poet
First Name: Meg
Last Name: Johnson
Born on January 1, 1901 (age 121)
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3. Komaram Bheem

Komaram Bheem
Male. Indian Freedom Fighter
First Name: Komaram
Born on October 22, 1901
Died on October 19, 1940 (aged 38)
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4. Clark Gable

Clark Gable
Male. American actor
First Name: Clark
Last Name: Gable
Born on February 1, 1901
Died on November 16, 1960 (aged 59)
Height: 184 cm | 6'0
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5. Princess Märtha of Sweden

Princess Märtha of Sweden
Female. Crown princess of Norway
First Name: Princess
Last Name: Sweden
Born on March 28, 1901
Died on April 5, 1954 (aged 53)

6. Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper
Male. American actor (1901-1961)
First Name: Gary
Last Name: Cooper
Born on May 7, 1901
Died on May 13, 1961 (aged 60)
Height: 191 cm | 6'3
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7. Magda Goebbels
Johanna Maria Magdalena Behrend

Magda Goebbels
Female. German politician
First Name: Magda
Born on November 11, 1901
Died on May 1, 1945 (aged 43)
Born in Germany
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8. Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
Female. Youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
First Name: Grand
Last Name: Russia
Born on June 18, 1901
Died on July 17, 1918 (aged 17)
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9. Ödön von Horváth
Edmund Josef von Horváth

Ödön von Horváth
Male. Austro-Hungarian writer
First Name: Ödön
Born on December 9, 1901
Died on June 1, 1938 (aged 36)

10. Michael D’Andrea

Michael D’Andrea
Male. US Central Intelligence Agent
First Name: Michael
Last Name: D’Andrea
Born on January 1, 1901 (age 121)

11. Lee Hoi-chuen

Lee Hoi-chuen
Male. father of Bruce Lee (1901-1965)
First Name: Lee
Last Name: Hoi-chuen
Born on February 4, 1901
Died on February 7, 1965 (aged 64)
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12. Witold Pilecki

Witold Pilecki
Male. Polish underground resistance soldier, World War II concentration camp resistance leader
First Name: Witold
Born on May 13, 1901
Died on May 25, 1948 (aged 47)
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13. Andrey Vlasov

Andrey Vlasov
Male. Russian army leader and collaborator with Nazi Germany
First Name: Andrey
Last Name: Vlasov
Born on September 14, 1901
Died on August 1, 1946 (aged 44)
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14. James Murray

James Murray
Male. American movie actor
First Name: James
Last Name: Murray
Born on February 9, 1901
Died on July 11, 1936 (aged 35)
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15. Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Syama Prasad Mookerjee
Male. Indian politician
First Name: Syama
Born on July 6, 1901
Died on June 23, 1953 (aged 51)
Born in India
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16. Hans Kammler

Hans Kammler
Male. German general (1901-1945)
First Name: Hans
Last Name: Kammler
Born on August 26, 1901
Died on May 9, 1945 (aged 43)
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17. Emilio Comici

Emilio Comici
Male. Italian mountaineer
First Name: Emilio
Born on February 21, 1901
Died on October 19, 1940 (aged 39)
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18. Edwina Mountbatten, Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Edwina Mountbatten, Countess Mountbatten of Burma
Female. aristocrat
First Name: Edwina
Born on November 28, 1901
Died on February 21, 1960 (aged 58)

19. Dee Barnes

Dee Barnes
Female. American singer and television host
First Name: Dee
Last Name: Barnes
Born on January 1, 1901 (age 121)
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20. Jean Mermoz

Jean Mermoz
Male. French aviator
First Name: Jean
Last Name: Mermoz
Born on December 9, 1901
Died on December 7, 1936 (aged 34)
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