List of Famous people with last name Woods

1. Tiger Woods
Eldrick Tont Woods

Tiger Woods
Male. American golfer
First Name: Tiger
Last Name: Woods
Born on December 30, 1975 (age 45)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"

2. Cheyenne Woods

Cheyenne Woods
Female. Professional golfer
First Name: Cheyenne
Born on July 25, 1990 (age 31)

3. James Woods

James Woods
Male. American film, stage and television actor
First Name: James
Last Name: Woods
Born on April 18, 1947 (age 74)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"

4. Earl Woods

Earl Woods
Male. United States Army Colonel
First Name: Earl
Last Name: Woods
Born on March 5, 1932
Died on May 3, 2006 (aged 74)

5. Xavier Woods
Austin Watson

Xavier Woods
Male. American professional wrestler
First Name: Xavier
Last Name: Woods
Born on September 4, 1986 (age 35)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"

6. Michael Woods

Michael Woods
Male. Canadian road cyclist
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Woods
Born on October 12, 1986 (age 35)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"

7. Slick Woods

Slick Woods
Female. American model
First Name: Slick
Last Name: Woods
Born on August 13, 1996 (age 25)

8. James Park Woods

James Park Woods
Male. Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
First Name: James
Last Name: Woods
Born on January 4, 1886
Died on January 18, 1963 (aged 77)

9. Donald Woods

Donald Woods
Male. South African journalist
First Name: Donald
Last Name: Woods
Born on December 15, 1933
Died on August 19, 2001 (aged 67)

10. Bonnie Woods

Bonnie Woods
Female. American critic of Scientologist
First Name: Bonnie
Last Name: Woods

11. Bambi Woods

Bambi Woods
Female. American pornographic actress
First Name: Bambi
Born on July 12, 1955 (age 66)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"

12. John C. Woods

John C. Woods
Male. American executioner
First Name: John
Last Name: Woods
Born on June 5, 1911
Died on July 21, 1950 (aged 39)

13. Simon Woods

Simon Woods
Male. British actor
First Name: Simon
Last Name: Woods
Born on January 7, 1980 (age 41)
Born in United Kingdom

14. Phil Woods

Phil Woods
Male. American saxophonist
First Name: Phil
Born on November 2, 1931
Died on September 29, 2015 (aged 83)

15. Grant Woods

Grant Woods
Male. Arizona attorney general
First Name: Grant
Last Name: Woods
Born on May 19, 1954 (age 67)

16. Tyrone Woods

Tyrone Woods
Male. American baseball player
First Name: Tyrone
Last Name: Woods
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"

17. Barbara Alyn Woods

Barbara Alyn Woods
Female. American actress
First Name: Barbara
Last Name: Woods
Born on March 11, 1962 (age 59)
Height: 166 cm | 5'5"

18. Christine Woods

Christine Woods
Female. American actress
First Name: Christine
Last Name: Woods
Born on September 3, 1983 (age 38)
Height: 167 cm | 5'6"

19. Zach Woods

Zach Woods
Male. American actor
First Name: Zach
Last Name: Woods
Born on September 25, 1984 (age 37)
Height: 193 cm | 6'4"

20. Maria Woods

Maria Woods
Female. Peerage person ID=452368
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Woods
Died on March 2, 1850
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