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List of Famous people born in 1947

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Male. Austrian-American actor, businessman, bodybuilder and politician
First Name: Arnold
Last Name: Schwarzenegger
Born on July 30, 1947 (age 73)
Born in Austria, Styria
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"

2. David Bowie

David Bowie
Male. British singer, musician, and actor
First Name: David
Last Name: Bowie
Born on January 8, 1947
Died on January 10, 2016 (aged 69)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"

3. O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson
Male. retired American football player, broadcaster, actor, advertising spokesman, and convicted felon
First Name: O.
Last Name: Simpson
Born on July 9, 1947 (age 73)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"
American-football-player, Sportsperson

4. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Female. American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady
First Name: Hillary
Last Name: Clinton
Born on October 26, 1947 (age 73)
Height: 166 cm | 5'5"

5. Elton John

Elton John
Male. English rock singer-songwriter, composer and pianist
Last Name: John
Born on March 25, 1947 (age 74)
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"

6. Stephen King

Stephen King
Male. American author
First Name: Stephen
Last Name: King
Born on September 21, 1947 (age 73)
Height: 192 cm | 6'4"

7. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Female. Wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
First Name: Camilla,
Last Name: Cornwall
Born on July 17, 1947 (age 73)

8. Brian May

Brian May
Male. English musician and astrophysicist
First Name: Brian
Last Name: May
Born on July 19, 1947 (age 73)
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"

9. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Male. American basketball player and writer
First Name: Kareem
Born on April 16, 1947 (age 74)
Height: 218 cm | 7'2"

10. Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano
Male. Japanese film director, comedian, singer, actor, film editor, presenter, screenwriter, author, poet, painter and video game designer
First Name: Takeshi
Born on January 18, 1947 (age 74)
Born in Japan, Tokyo

11. James Hunt

James Hunt
Male. British racing driver
First Name: James
Last Name: Hunt
Born on August 29, 1947
Died on June 15, 1993 (aged 45)

12. Enrique Camarena

Enrique Camarena
Male. DEA agent murdered by drug traffickers
First Name: Enrique
Born on July 26, 1947
Died on February 7, 1985 (aged 37)

13. France Gall

France Gall
Female. French singer
First Name: France
Last Name: Gall
Born on October 9, 1947
Died on January 7, 2018 (aged 70)

14. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff
Female. 36th President of Brazil
Born on December 14, 1947 (age 73)
Born in Brazil, Minas Gerais

15. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
Male. United States Senator from Utah
Last Name: Romney
Born on March 12, 1947 (age 74)

16. Alan Thicke

Alan Thicke
Male. Canadian actor
First Name: Alan
Born on March 1, 1947
Died on December 13, 2016 (aged 69)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"

17. Betty Broderick

Betty Broderick
Female. Convicted murderer
First Name: Betty
Last Name: Broderick
Born on November 7, 1947 (age 73)

18. Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff
Male. Dutch association football player, then coach
First Name: Johan
Born on April 25, 1947
Died on March 24, 2016 (aged 68)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"
Footballer, Sportsperson

19. Roy Moore

Roy Moore
Male. American former judge
First Name: Roy
Last Name: Moore
Born on February 11, 1947 (age 74)

20. Deniz Gezmiş

Deniz Gezmiş
Male. Turkish political activist (1947-1972)
Born on February 27, 1947
Died on May 6, 1972 (aged 25)
Born in Ankara Province
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