List of Famous people born in 1944

1. Charles Sobhraj
Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj
Male. French serial killer
First Name: Charles
Last Name: Sobhraj
Born on April 6, 1944 (age 77)
Born in Vietnam

2. Michael Douglas
Michael Kirk Douglas

Michael Douglas
Male. American actor and producer
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Douglas
Born on September 25, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"

3. Saira Banu

Saira Banu
Female. Indian film actress
First Name: Saira
Born on August 23, 1944 (age 77)
Born in India

4. Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian
Male. American attorney
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Kardashian
Born on February 22, 1944
Died on September 30, 2003 (aged 59)

5. Axel Kahn
Axel Maurice René Kahn

Axel Kahn
Male. French geneticist
First Name: Axel
Last Name: Kahn
Born on September 5, 1944 (age 77)

6. Rudy Giuliani
Rudolph William Louis Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani
Male. American attorney, businessman and politician, former mayor of New York City
First Name: Rudy
Last Name: Giuliani
Born on May 28, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"

7. Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen
Male. FBI agent who spied for Soviet and Russian intelligence services
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Hanssen
Born on April 18, 1944 (age 77)

8. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo
Male. Mexican American actor
First Name: Danny
Born on May 16, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 167 cm | 5'6"

9. Diana Ross
Diana Ernestine Earle Ross

Diana Ross
Female. American vocalist, music artist and actress
First Name: Diana
Last Name: Ross
Born on March 26, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 164 cm | 5'5"

10. Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight
Female. American singer
First Name: Gladys
Last Name: Knight
Born on May 28, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 161 cm | 5'3"

11. Thomas Fritsch

Thomas Fritsch
Male. actor
First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Fritsch
Born on January 16, 1944 (age 77)
Born in Germany, Saxony

12. Camille Cosby
Camille Olivia Hanks

Camille Cosby
Female. American writer and television producer
First Name: Camille
Last Name: Cosby
Born on March 20, 1944 (age 77)

13. Pinarayi Vijayan

Pinarayi Vijayan
Male. Chief Minister of Kerala
First Name: Pinarayi
Born on March 21, 1944 (age 77)
Born in India

14. Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott
Male. American actor
First Name: Sam
Last Name: Elliott
Born on August 9, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"

15. Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi
Male. sixth Prime Minister of India
First Name: Rajiv
Born on August 20, 1944
Died on May 21, 1991 (aged 46)
Born in India

16. Robert Mueller
Robert Swan Mueller III

Robert Mueller
Male. Sixth director of the FBI; American attorney
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Mueller
Born on August 7, 1944 (age 77)

17. Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito
Male. American actor, comedian, director and producer
First Name: Danny
Born on November 17, 1944 (age 76)
Height: 147 cm | 4'10"

18. George Lucas

George Lucas
Male. American film producer and director
First Name: George
Last Name: Lucas
Born on May 14, 1944 (age 77)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"
Net Worth: $4.6B

19. Coluche

Male. French comedian and actor
Born on October 28, 1944
Died on June 19, 1986 (aged 41)

20. Jane Wilde Hawking
Jane Beryl Wilde

Jane Wilde Hawking
Female. British author
First Name: Jane
Last Name: Hawking
Born on March 29, 1944 (age 77)
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