List of Famous people with last name Ramirez

Richard Ramirez

First Name Richard
Last Name Ramirez
Born on February 29, 1960
Died on June 7, 2013 (aged 53)
Height 185 cm | 6'1

Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, known as Richard Ramirez, was an American serial killer, serial rapist, kidnapper, pedophile, and burglar. His highly publicized home invasion crime spree terrorized the residents of the Greater Los Angeles area and later the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area from June 1984 until August 1985. Prior to his capture, Ramirez was dubbed the "Night Stalker" by the news media.

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Sara Ramirez

First Name Sara
Last Name Ramirez
Born on August 31, 1975 (age 48)
Born in Mexico, Sinaloa
Height 174 cm | 5'9

Sara Elena Ramírez is an award-winning Mexican American actor, singer, and songwriter, and activist. Born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, they moved to the United States at eight years old, eventually graduating with a fine arts degree from the Juilliard School.

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Carolína Ramirez

First Name Carolína
Last Name Ramirez
Born on June 20, 1983 (age 40)

Carolina Ramírez is a Colombian actress. She is best known for her roles in television as La hija del mariachi, and her historical character Policarpa Salavarrieta in La Pola.

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Édgar Ramírez

First Name Édgar
Last Name Ramírez
Born on March 25, 1977 (age 46)
Born in Venezuela, Tachira

Édgar Filiberto Ramírez Arellano is a Venezuelan actor. He played Carlos the Jackal in the 2010 French-German biopic series Carlos, a role for which he won the César Award for Most Promising Actor at the César Awards 2011, and was nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for Best Actor. He also played Larry, a CIA operative in the film Zero Dark Thirty, Paz—a CIA assassin—in The Bourne Ultimatum, and boxer Roberto Durán in Hands of Stone. Ramírez won at the 2012 ALMA Awards for Ares in Wrath of the Titans. He received several award nominations for his portrayal of Gianni Versace in the 2018 miniseries The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. In 2020, he had a recurring role in the HBO miniseries The Undoing.

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Gloria Ramírez

First Name Gloria
Last Name Ramírez
Born on January 11, 1963
Died on February 19, 1994 (aged 31)

Gloria Ramirez was a woman from Riverside, California who was dubbed "the Toxic Lady" or "the Toxic Woman" by the media when several hospital workers became ill after exposure to her body and blood. She had been admitted to the emergency department while suffering from late-stage cervical cancer. While treating Ramirez, several hospital workers fainted and others experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath and muscle spasms. Five workers required hospitalization, one of whom remained in an intensive care unit for two weeks.

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Alex Ramírez

First Name Alex
Last Name Ramírez
Born on October 3, 1974 (age 49)
Born in Venezuela
Height 180 cm | 5'11

Alexander Ramón Ramírez Quiñónez is a Venezuelan-born Japanese former professional baseball outfielder who had a long career in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). He is the first foreign-born player to record 2,000 hits while playing in NPB. Before playing in Japan, he played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Cleveland Indians (1998–2000) and Pittsburgh Pirates (2000). He batted and threw right-handed.

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Pedro J. Ramírez

Pedro José Ramírez Codina
First Name Pedro
Last Name Ramírez
Born on March 26, 1952 (age 71)
Born in Spain, La Rioja

Pedro José Ramírez Codina, widely known as Pedro J. Ramírez, is a Spanish journalist. When he was appointed to manage Diario 16 at the age of 28, he became Spain's youngest editor of a national newspaper. In 1989 he founded the newspaper El Mundo, managing it continuously until 2014, making him the longest-serving editor of any Spanish national newspaper. He has collaborated with several radio and television programmes and has published a dozen books.

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Amybeth McNulty

First Name Amybeth
Born on November 7, 2001 (age 21)
Height 160 cm | 5'3

Amybeth McNulty is an Irish-Canadian actress. She is known for her starring role as Anne Shirley in the CBC/Netflix drama series Anne with an E (2017–2019), based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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Juan Edgardo Ramírez

First Name Juan
Last Name Ramírez
Born on May 25, 1993 (age 30)
Height 173 cm | 5'8

Juan Edgardo Ramírez is an Argentine footballer who plays as a midfielder who currently plays for Talleres.

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Sandro Ramírez

Sandro Ramírez Castillo
First Name Sandro
Last Name Ramírez
Born on July 9, 1995 (age 28)
Height 175 cm | 5'9

Sandro Ramírez Castillo, known simply as Sandro, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a forward for La Liga club SD Huesca.

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