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June 20
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List of Famous people born on June 20

1. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
Female. Australian-American actress and film producer
First Name: Nicole
Last Name: Kidman
Born on June 20, 1967 (age 53)
Height: 179 cm | 5'10"

2. Jean-Marie Le Pen

Jean-Marie Le Pen
Male. French right-wing and nationalist politician
First Name: Jean-Marie
Last Name: Pen
Born on June 20, 1928 (age 92)
Born in France, Brittany

3. Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie
Male. American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and actor
First Name: Lionel
Last Name: Richie
Born on June 20, 1949 (age 71)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"

4. Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson
Male. American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer
First Name: Brian
Last Name: Wilson
Born on June 20, 1942 (age 78)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"

5. Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard
Male. English association football player and manager
First Name: Frank
Born on June 20, 1978 (age 42)
Height: 184 cm | 6'0"
Footballer, Sportsperson, Football-manager

6. John Goodman

John Goodman
Male. American actor, voice artist, and comedian
First Name: John
Last Name: Goodman
Born on June 20, 1952 (age 68)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"

7. Tai Tzu-Ying

Tai Tzu-Ying
Female. Taiwanese badminton player
First Name: Tai
Born on June 20, 1994 (age 26)
Born in Taiwan
Badmintoner, Sportsperson

8. Andrea Nahles

Andrea Nahles
Female. German politician
First Name: Andrea
Born on June 20, 1970 (age 50)

9. Saki Aibu

Saki Aibu
Female. Japanese actress
First Name: Saki
Born on June 20, 1985 (age 35)

10. Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy
Male. American soldier, actor, songwriter
Last Name: Murphy
Born on June 20, 1925
Died on May 28, 1971 (aged 45)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7"

11. Martin Landau

Martin Landau
Male. American actor and acting coach
First Name: Martin
Last Name: Landau
Born on June 20, 1928
Died on July 15, 2017 (aged 89)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"

12. Amir Haddad

Amir Haddad
Male. Israeli-French singer, songwriter
First Name: Amir
Last Name: Haddad
Born on June 20, 1984 (age 36)

13. Kōji Ishizaka

Kōji Ishizaka
Male. actor
First Name: Kōji
Born on June 20, 1941 (age 79)
Born in Japan
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"

14. John Mahoney

John Mahoney
Male. American actor (1940-2018)
First Name: John
Last Name: Mahoney
Born on June 20, 1940
Died on February 4, 2018 (aged 77)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8"

15. Gérard Collomb

Gérard Collomb
Male. French politician
First Name: Gérard
Born on June 20, 1947 (age 73)

16. May J.

May J.
Female. TV host and singer
First Name: May
Last Name: J.
Born on June 20, 1988 (age 32)

17. Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles
Male. Player of American football
First Name: Darren
Born on June 20, 1983 (age 37)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"
American-football-player, Sportsperson

18. Louis DeJoy

Louis DeJoy
First Name: Louis
Born on June 20, 1957 (age 63)

19. Jean Moulin

Jean Moulin
Male. French resistance fighter and civil servant
First Name: Jean
Last Name: Moulin
Born on June 20, 1899
Died on July 8, 1943 (aged 44)
Born in France, Occitania

20. Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn
Male. Australian actor
First Name: Errol
Last Name: Flynn
Born on June 20, 1909
Died on October 14, 1959 (aged 50)
Born in Australia, Tasmania
Height: 186 cm | 6'1"
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