Born in 2015
who died in 2015

List of Famous People who died in 2015

1. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Male. 11th President of India, scientist and science administrator
First Name: A.
Last Name: Kalam
Born on October 15, 1931
Died on July 27, 2015 (aged 83)
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2. Beau Biden
Joseph Robinette Biden III

Beau Biden
Male. lawyer, politician; son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
First Name: Beau
Last Name: Biden
Born on February 3, 1969
Died on May 30, 2015 (aged 46)
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3. Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo
Male. American politician, Governor of New York, United States (1932–2015)
First Name: Mario
Last Name: Cuomo
Born on June 15, 1932
Died on January 1, 2015 (aged 82)

4. Wes Craven
Wesley Earl Craven

Wes Craven
Male. American film director, screenwriter, and producer (1939-2015)
First Name: Wes
Last Name: Craven
Born on August 2, 1939
Died on August 30, 2015 (aged 76)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1
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5. Helmut Schmidt
Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt

Helmut Schmidt
Male. chancellor of West Germany (1974-1982), SPD
First Name: Helmut
Born on December 23, 1918
Died on November 10, 2015 (aged 96)
Born in Germany
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6. Christopher Lee
Christopher Frank Carandini Lee

Christopher Lee
Male. English actor (1922–2015)
First Name: Christopher
Last Name: Lee
Born on May 27, 1922
Died on June 7, 2015 (aged 93)
Height: 194 cm | 6'4
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7. Mohammed Moftahh Elfitory

Mohammed Moftahh Elfitory
Male. Sudanese writer
First Name: Mohammed
Last Name: Elfitory
Died on April 24, 2015 (aged 45)

8. Canserbero

Male. musical artist
Born on March 11, 1988
Died on January 20, 2015 (aged 26)
Born in Venezuela

9. Jackie Collins
Jacqueline Jill Collins

Jackie Collins
Female. English novelist (1937–2015)
First Name: Jackie
Born on October 4, 1937
Died on September 19, 2015 (aged 77)
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10. Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown
Female. American television personality
First Name: Bobbi
Born on March 4, 1993
Died on July 26, 2015 (aged 22)
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11. Lemmy
Ian Fraser Kilmister

Male. British musician
Born on December 24, 1945
Died on December 28, 2015 (aged 70)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10
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12. Cynthia Lennon
Cynthia Lillian Powell

Cynthia Lennon
Female. former wife of John Lennon (1939-2015)
First Name: Cynthia
Last Name: Lennon
Born on September 10, 1939
Died on April 1, 2015 (aged 75)
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13. Yoram Gross

Male. Polish-Australian animation producer and director (1926–2005)
First Name: Yoram
Born on October 18, 1926
Died on September 21, 2015 (aged 88)

14. Omar Sharif
ميشيل ديمتري شلهوب

Omar Sharif
Male. Egyptian actor (1932–2015)
First Name: Omar
Last Name: Sharif
Born on April 10, 1932
Died on July 10, 2015 (aged 83)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11
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15. Roddy Piper
Roderick George Toombs

Roddy Piper
Male. Canadian professional wrestler (1954-2015)
First Name: Roddy
Last Name: Piper
Born on April 17, 1954
Died on July 31, 2015 (aged 61)
Born in Canada, Saskatchewan
Height: 185 cm | 6'1
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16. Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Simon Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy
Male. American actor (1931–2015)
First Name: Leonard
Last Name: Nimoy
Born on March 26, 1931
Died on February 27, 2015 (aged 83)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0
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17. Jonah Lomu
Jonah Tali Lomu

Jonah Lomu
Male. New Zealand rugby union player
First Name: Jonah
Born on May 12, 1975
Died on November 18, 2015 (aged 40)
Height: 191 cm | 6'3

18. Scott Weiland
Scott Richard Kline

Scott Weiland
Male. American singer (1967–2015)
First Name: Scott
Last Name: Weiland
Born on October 27, 1967
Died on December 3, 2015 (aged 48)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11

19. Kalief Browder

Kalief Browder
Male. American teenager incarcerated in New York for three years without trial before release (1993-2015)
First Name: Kalief
Born on May 25, 1993
Died on June 6, 2015 (aged 22)

20. Frank Gifford

Frank Gifford
Male. American football player, television sportscaster (1930-2015)
First Name: Frank
Last Name: Gifford
Born on August 16, 1930
Died on August 9, 2015 (aged 84)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1
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