List of Famous people who died at 76

Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking
First Name Stephen
Last Name Hawking
Born on January 8, 1942
Died on March 14, 2018 (aged 76)

Stephen William Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author who was director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge at the time of his death. He was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge between 1979 and 2009.

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Louise Franklin
First Name Aretha
Born on March 25, 1942
Died on August 16, 2018 (aged 76)
Height 165 cm | 5'5

Aretha Louise Franklin was an American singer, songwriter, actress, pianist, and civil rights activist. Franklin began her career as a child singing gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father C. L. Franklin was a minister. At the age of 18, she embarked on a secular-music career as a recording artist for Columbia Records. While Franklin's career did not immediately flourish, she found acclaim and commercial success after signing with Atlantic Records in 1966. Hit songs such as "I Never Loved a Man ", "Respect", "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", "Chain of Fools", "Think", and "I Say a Little Prayer" propelled her past her musical peers. By the end of the 1960s, Aretha Franklin had come to be known as the "Queen of Soul".

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Shivam Singh

First Name Shivam
Born on January 1, 1945
Died on October 3, 2021 (aged 76)

Ghanashyam Nayak was an Indian film and television actor. He had appeared in a number of tele serials as well as films. He was well known for the role of Natwarlal Prabhashankar Undhaiwala a.k.a. Nattu Kaka in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. He died from cancer in Mumbai on 3 October 2021, aged 76.

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Rodolfo Gonzales

First Name Rodolfo
Born on June 18, 1928
Died on April 12, 2005 (aged 76)

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales was a Mexican American boxer, poet, political organizer, and activist. Gonzales was one of many leaders for the Crusade for Justice in Denver, Colorado. The Crusade for Justice was an urban rights and Chicano cultural urban movement during the 1960s focusing on social, political, and economic justice for Chicanos. Gonzales convened the first-ever Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in 1968, which was poorly attended due to timing and weather conditions. Gonzales tried again in March 1969, and established what is commonly known as the First Chicano Youth Liberation Conference. This Conference was attended by many future Chicano activists and artists. The conference also birthed the Plan Espiritual de Aztlán, a pro-indigenist manifesto advocating revolutionary Chicano nationalism and self-determination for all Chicanos. Through the Crusade for Justice, Gonzales organized the Mexican American people of Denver to fight for their cultural, political, and economic rights, leaving his mark on history.

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Wes Craven

Wesley Earl Craven
First Name Wes
Last Name Craven
Born on August 2, 1939
Died on August 30, 2015 (aged 76)
Height 185 cm | 6'1

Wesley Earl Craven was an American filmmaker, actor, and novelist. He was known for his pioneering work in the horror genre, particularly slasher films, where he mixed horror cliches with humor and satire. His impact on the genre was considered prolific and highly influential. Due to the success and cultural impact of his works, Craven has been called a "Master of Horror".

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Boris Yeltsin

Борис Николаевич Ельцин
First Name Boris
Last Name Yeltsin
Born on February 1, 1931
Died on April 23, 2007 (aged 76)
Height 187 cm | 6'2

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin was a Russian and former Soviet politician who served as the first President of Russia from 1991 to 1999. A member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1961 to 1990, he later stood as a political independent, during which time he was viewed as being ideologically aligned with liberalism and Russian nationalism.

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Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef
First Name Hildegard
Born on December 28, 1925
Died on February 1, 2002 (aged 76)

Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef was a German actress, voice actress, singer, and writer. She was billed in some English-language films as Hildegard Neff or Hildegarde Neff.

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Bob Einstein

Stewart Robert Einstein
First Name Bob
Last Name Einstein
Born on November 20, 1942
Died on January 2, 2019 (aged 76)

Stewart Robert Einstein was an American actor, comedy writer and producer. He created and performed the satirical stuntman character Super Dave Osborne, played Marty Funkhouser in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Larry Middleman on Arrested Development.

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Jo Bouillon

Joseph Jean Étienne Bouillon
First Name Jo
Last Name Bouillon
Born on May 3, 1908
Died on July 9, 1984 (aged 76)
Born in France, Occitania

Jo Bouillon was a French composer, conductor and violinist. As Joséphine Baker's fourth husband, he enjoyed prominence in the 1950s.

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Tom Hayden

First Name Tom
Last Name Hayden
Born on December 11, 1939
Died on October 23, 2016 (aged 76)

Thomas Emmet Hayden was an American social and political activist, author, and politician. Hayden was best known for his role as an anti-war and civil rights activist in the 1960s, authoring the Port Huron Statement and standing trial in the Chicago Seven case.

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Hannelore Elsner

Hannelore Elstner
First Name Hannelore
Born on July 26, 1942
Died on April 21, 2019 (aged 76)
Born in Germany, Bavaria

Hannelore Elsner was a German actress with a long career in television and film. She first performed on stage in Munich, and later starred in popular films and television series such as Die Schwarzwaldklinik, and as the lead character, Inspector Lea Sommer, in the series Die Kommissarin. She was recognized internationally for her lead role in the 2000 film Die Unberührbare, shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

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James Wong Howe

First Name James
Last Name Howe
Born on August 28, 1899
Died on July 12, 1976 (aged 76)

Wong Tung Jim, A.S.C., known professionally as James Wong Howe (Houghto), was a Chinese-born American cinematographer who worked on over 130 films. During the 1930s and 1940s, he was one of the most sought after cinematographers in Hollywood due to his innovative filming techniques. Howe was known as a master of the use of shadow and one of the first to use deep-focus cinematography, in which both foreground and distant planes remain in focus.

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Albert Speer

Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer
First Name Albert
Last Name Speer
Born on March 19, 1905
Died on September 1, 1981 (aged 76)

Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer served as the Minister of Armaments and War Production in Nazi Germany during most of World War II. A close ally of Adolf Hitler, he was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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Sarah Dash

First Name Sarah
Last Name Dash
Born on August 18, 1945
Died on September 20, 2021 (aged 76)

Sarah Dash was an American singer and actress. She first appeared on the music scene as a member of Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles. Dash was later a member of Labelle, and worked as a singer, session musician, and sideman for The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards.

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Klaus Fuchs

Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs
First Name Klaus
Last Name Fuchs
Born on December 29, 1911
Died on January 28, 1988 (aged 76)
Born in Germany, Hesse

Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs was a German theoretical physicist and atomic spy who supplied information from the American, British, and Canadian Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union during and shortly after World War II. While at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Fuchs was responsible for many significant theoretical calculations relating to the first nuclear weapons and, later, early models of the hydrogen bomb. After his conviction in 1950, he served nine years in prison in the United Kingdom and then moved to East Germany where he resumed his career as a physicist and scientific leader.

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Eva Gabor

First Name Eva
Last Name Gabor
Born on February 11, 1919
Died on July 4, 1995 (aged 76)
Born in Hungary
Height 157 cm | 5'2

Eva Gabor was a Hungarian-American actress, businesswoman, singer, and socialite. She was widely known for her role on the 1965–71 television sitcom, Green Acres, as Lisa Douglas, the wife of Eddie Albert's character, Oliver Wendell Douglas. She voiced Duchess in the Disney film The Aristocats, and Miss Bianca in Disney's The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. Gabor was successful as an actress in film, on Broadway, and on television. She was also a successful businesswoman, marketing wigs, clothing, and beauty products. Her elder sisters, Zsa Zsa and Magda Gabor, were also actresses and socialites.

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Ike Turner

Izear Luster Turner Jr.
First Name Ike
Last Name Turner
Born on November 5, 1931
Died on December 12, 2007 (aged 76)

Izear Luster "Ike" Turner Jr. was an American musician, bandleader, songwriter, arranger, talent scout, and record producer. An early pioneer of 1950s rock and roll, he is best known for his work in the 1960s and 1970s with his then-wife Tina Turner in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue.

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Arthur Lewis

First Name Arthur
Last Name Lewis
Born on January 23, 1915
Died on June 15, 1991 (aged 76)

Sir William Arthur Lewis was a Saint Lucian economist and the James Madison Professor of Political Economy at Princeton University. Lewis was known for his contributions in the field of economic development. In 1979 he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

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Kim Philby

Harold Adrian Russell Philby
First Name Kim
Last Name Philby
Born on January 1, 1912
Died on May 11, 1988 (aged 76)

Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby was a British intelligence officer and a double agent for the Soviet Union. In 1963 he was revealed to be a member of the Cambridge Five, a spy ring which passed information to the Soviet Union during World War II and in the early stages of the Cold War. Of the five, Philby is believed to have been most successful in providing secret information to the Soviets.

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Madalyn Murray O'Hair

First Name Madalyn
Born on April 13, 1919
Died on September 29, 1995 (aged 76)

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was an American activist supporting atheism and separation of church and state. In 1963 she founded American Atheists and served as its president until 1986, after which her son Jon Garth Murray succeeded her. She created the first issues of American Atheist Magazine.

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