List of Famous People named Tom

Name Tom is among the most common names in USA, Canada. Often it's a shorthand for Thomas. Similar names: Thomas, Tommy, Thom, Tomi, Tomoya, Tomie, Tomoe, Tommie, Tomoa, Tomy, Thommi, Tomio, Tommi, Tome, Thommy, Thomy, Toma, Thoma. Here are some famous Toms:

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady
Male. American football player
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Brady
Born on August 3, 1977 (age 44)
Height: 194 cm | 6'4"
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2. Tom Holland

Tom Holland
Male. British actor
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Holland
Born on June 1, 1996 (age 26)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7"
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3. Tom Cruise
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Tom Cruise
Male. American actor and producer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Cruise
Born on July 3, 1962 (age 60)
Height: 172 cm | 5'8"
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4. Tom Hardy
Edward Thomas Hardy

Tom Hardy
Male. British actor, screenwriter and producer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Hardy
Born on September 15, 1977 (age 44)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
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5. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Male. American actor and producer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Hanks
Born on July 9, 1956 (age 65)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"
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6. Tom Ford
Thomas Carlyle Ford

Tom Ford
Male. American fashion designer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Ford
Born on August 27, 1961 (age 60)
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7. Tom Hiddleston
Thomas William Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston
Male. British actor, producer and musical performer, best actor un the word
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Hiddleston
Born on February 9, 1981 (age 41)
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"
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8. Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck
Male. American actor
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Selleck
Born on January 29, 1945 (age 77)
Height: 193 cm | 6'4"
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9. Tom Heaton
Thomas David Heaton

Tom Heaton
Male. English association football player
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Heaton
Born on April 15, 1986 (age 36)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
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10. Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis
Male. Welsh actor
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Ellis
Born on November 17, 1978 (age 43)
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11. Tom Fletcher
Thomas Michael Fletcher

Tom Fletcher
Male. English musician, singer, composer, author and YouTube vlogger
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Fletcher
Born on July 17, 1985 (age 36)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"
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12. Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer
Male. American philanthropist and former hedge fund manager
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Steyer
Born on June 27, 1957 (age 65)
Net Worth: $1.4B
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13. Tom Felton

Tom Felton
Male. English actor and singer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Felton
Born on September 22, 1987 (age 34)
Height: 174 cm | 5'9"
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14. Tom Daley
Thomas Robert Daley

Tom Daley
Male. British diver
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Daley
Born on May 21, 1994 (age 28)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8"
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15. Tom Jones
Thomas John Woodward

Tom Jones
Male. Welsh singer
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Jones
Born on June 7, 1940 (age 82)
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16. Tom Moore

Tom Moore
Male. former British Military Officer and fundraiser
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Moore
Born on April 30, 1920 (age 102)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"
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17. Tom Parker Bowles

Tom Parker Bowles
Male. son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Bowles
Born on December 18, 1974 (age 47)
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18. Tom Sturridge

Tom Sturridge
Male. British actor
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Sturridge
Born on December 21, 1985 (age 36)
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19. Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson
Male. American internet entrepreneur
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Anderson
Born on November 8, 1970 (age 51)
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20. Tom Morello

Tom Morello
Male. American guitarist and singer-songwriter
First Name: Tom
Last Name: Morello
Born on May 30, 1964 (age 58)
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