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List of Famous people with last name Einstein

1. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Male. German-born physicist; developer of the theory of relativity
First Name: Albert
Last Name: Einstein
Born on March 14, 1879
Died on April 18, 1955 (aged 76)
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"

2. Bob Einstein

Bob Einstein
Male. American actor (1942-2019)
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Einstein
Born on November 20, 1942
Died on January 2, 2019 (aged 76)

3. Hans Albert Einstein

Hans Albert Einstein
Male. Swiss-American engineer and educator
First Name: Hans
Last Name: Einstein
Born on May 14, 1904
Died on July 26, 1973 (aged 69)

4. Elsa Einstein

Elsa Einstein
Female. second wife and cousin of Albert Einstein
First Name: Elsa
Born on January 18, 1876
Died on December 20, 1936 (aged 60)

5. Eduard Einstein

Eduard Einstein
Male. second son of Albert Einstein and his first wife Mileva Marić
First Name: Eduard
Last Name: Einstein
Born on July 28, 1910
Died on October 25, 1965 (aged 55)

6. Napoleon Einstein

Napoleon Einstein
Male. Indian cricketer
First Name: Napoleon
Last Name: Einstein
Born on August 16, 1989 (age 31)
Born in India

7. Harry Einstein

Harry Einstein
Male. American comedian
First Name: Harry
Last Name: Einstein
Born on May 6, 1904
Died on November 23, 1958 (aged 54)

8. Bernhard Caesar Einstein

Bernhard Caesar Einstein
Male. American physicist (1930-2008)
First Name: Bernhard
Last Name: Einstein
Born on July 10, 1930
Died on September 30, 2008 (aged 78)

9. Charles Einstein

Charles Einstein
Male. American writer
First Name: Charles
Last Name: Einstein
Born on August 2, 1926
Died on March 7, 2007 (aged 80)

10. Lieserl Einstein

Lieserl Einstein
Female. daughter of Albert Einstein
First Name: Lieserl
Born on January 1, 1902
Died on August 31, 1903 (aged 1)

11. Hermann Einstein

Hermann Einstein
Male. German electrical engineer and businessman, father of Albert Einstein
First Name: Hermann
Last Name: Einstein
Born on August 30, 1847
Died on October 10, 1902 (aged 55)

12. Evelyn Einstein

Evelyn Einstein
Female. American activist
First Name: Evelyn
Last Name: Einstein
Born on March 28, 1941
Died on April 13, 2011 (aged 70)

13. Maja Einstein

Maja Einstein
Female. German Romanist
First Name: Maja
Last Name: Einstein
Born on November 18, 1881
Died on June 25, 1951 (aged 69)
Born in Germany, Bavaria

14. Lina Einstein

Lina Einstein
First Name: Lina
Last Name: Einstein
Born on November 16, 1875
Died on February 26, 1942 (aged 66)

15. Elizabeth Roboz Einstein

Elizabeth Roboz Einstein
Female. American chemist
First Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Einstein
Born on April 11, 1904
Died on January 9, 1995 (aged 90)

16. Carl Einstein

Carl Einstein
Male. German art historian
First Name: Carl
Last Name: Einstein
Born on April 26, 1885
Died on July 5, 1940 (aged 55)
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