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June 02
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List of Famous people born on June 02

1. Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin
Female. Brazilian American actress
Born on June 2, 1979 (age 41)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

2. Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro
Female. Japanese actress, voice actress and narrator
First Name: Miyuki
Born on June 2, 1985 (age 35)
Born in Japan

3. Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller
Male. British-born American actor
First Name: Wentworth
Last Name: Miller
Born on June 2, 1972 (age 48)
Height: 184 cm | 6'0"

4. Awkwafina

Female. actress and rapper from New York
Born on June 2, 1988 (age 32)
Height: 155 cm | 5'1"

5. Sergio Agüero

Sergio Agüero
Male. Argentine association football player
First Name: Sergio
Born on June 2, 1988 (age 32)
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"
Footballer, Sportsperson

6. Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe
Male. English serial killer
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Sutcliffe
Born on June 2, 1946 (age 74)

7. A.J. Styles

A.J. Styles
Male. American professional wrestler
Born on June 2, 1977 (age 43)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8"

8. Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach
Female. American soccer player
First Name: Abby
Born on June 2, 1980 (age 40)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"

9. Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper
Male. British actor
First Name: Dominic
Last Name: Cooper
Born on June 2, 1978 (age 42)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"

10. Takashi Inui

Takashi Inui
Male. Japanese association football player
First Name: Takashi
Born on June 2, 1988 (age 32)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7"
Footballer, Sportsperson

11. Naoki Matayoshi

Naoki Matayoshi
Male. Japanese comedian and novelist
First Name: Naoki
Born on June 2, 1980 (age 40)

12. Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro
Female. Fox News Channel television show host
First Name: Jeanine
Last Name: Pirro
Born on June 2, 1951 (age 69)
Height: 163 cm | 5'4"

13. Gilbert Baker

Gilbert Baker
Male. American artist and gay rights activist
First Name: Gilbert
Last Name: Baker
Born on June 2, 1951
Died on March 31, 2017 (aged 65)

14. Yuliya Snigir

Yuliya Snigir
Female. Russian model and actress
First Name: Yuliya
Born on June 2, 1983 (age 37)
Born in Russia, Tula Oblast

15. Steve Smith

Steve Smith
Male. Australian international cricketer
First Name: Steve
Last Name: Smith
Born on June 2, 1989 (age 31)

16. Beetlejuice

Male. American actor

17. Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger
Female. German silhouette animator and film director
First Name: Lotte
Born on June 2, 1899
Died on June 19, 1981 (aged 82)
Born in Germany, Berlin

18. Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez
Female. Sri Lankan actress
First Name: Jacqueline
Last Name: Fernandez
Born on June 2, 1985 (age 35)
Height: 165 cm | 5'5"

19. Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen
Male. American television executive and host
First Name: Andy
Last Name: Cohen
Born on June 2, 1968 (age 52)

20. Yuri Andropov

Yuri Andropov
Male. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
First Name: Yuri
Born on June 2, 1914
Died on February 9, 1984 (aged 69)
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