List of Famous people born on July 05th

1. Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani
Male. Japanese professional baseball player
First Name: Shohei
Born on July 5, 1994 (age 27)
Height: 193 cm | 6'4"
Baseballer, Sportsperson

2. Robin Gosens

Robin Gosens
Male. German footballer
First Name: Robin
Last Name: Gosens
Born on July 5, 1994 (age 27)
Height: 184 cm | 6'0"
Footballer, Sportsperson

3. Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki
Female. CEO of YouTube
First Name: Susan
Born on July 5, 1968 (age 53)

4. P. T. Barnum
Phineas Taylor Barnum.

P. T. Barnum
Male. American showman and politician
First Name: P.
Last Name: Barnum
Born on July 5, 1810
Died on April 7, 1891 (aged 80)

5. Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe
Female. American soccer player
First Name: Megan
Born on July 5, 1985 (age 36)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

6. Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno Pérez

Alberto Moreno
Male. Spanish association football player
First Name: Alberto
Last Name: Moreno
Born on July 5, 1992 (age 29)
Born in Spain, Andalusia
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"
Footballer, Sportsperson

7. P. V. Sindhu

P. V. Sindhu
Female. Indian badminton player
First Name: P.
Last Name: Sindhu
Born on July 5, 1995 (age 26)
Born in India
Badmintoner, Sportsperson

8. Geeta Kapur

Geeta Kapur
Female. Indian dancer and choreographer
First Name: Geeta
Born on July 5, 1973 (age 48)
Born in India

9. María Parado de Bellido

María Parado de Bellido
Female. Peruvian revolutionary
First Name: María
Last Name: Bellido
Born on July 5, 1777
Died on May 1, 1822 (aged 44)
Born in Peru, Ayacucho

10. Ryan Hansen
Ryan Albert Hansen

Ryan Hansen
Male. American actor
First Name: Ryan
Last Name: Hansen
Born on July 5, 1981 (age 40)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"

11. Hernán Crespo

Hernán Crespo
Male. Argentine footballer
First Name: Hernán
Last Name: Crespo
Born on July 5, 1975 (age 46)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"
Footballer, Sportsperson, Football-manager

12. Amélie Mauresmo

Amélie Mauresmo
Female. French female tennis player
First Name: Amélie
Born on July 5, 1979 (age 42)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

13. Ram Vilas Paswan

Ram Vilas Paswan
Male. Indian politician
First Name: Ram
Last Name: Paswan
Born on July 5, 1946 (age 75)
Born in India

14. Gilles Lellouche

Gilles Lellouche
Male. French actor, film director and screenwriter
First Name: Gilles
Last Name: Lellouche
Born on July 5, 1972 (age 49)
Born in France, Normandy

15. Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes
Male. British businessman, mining magnate and politician in South Africa
First Name: Cecil
Last Name: Rhodes
Born on July 5, 1853
Died on March 26, 1902 (aged 48)

16. Chesson Hadley

Chesson Hadley
Male. American professional golfer
First Name: Chesson
Born on July 5, 1987 (age 34)

17. Ji Chang-uk

Ji Chang-uk
Male. South Korean actor
First Name: Ji
Last Name: Chang-uk
Born on July 5, 1987 (age 34)

18. Lætitia Milot

Lætitia Milot
Female. French actress
First Name: Lætitia
Born on July 5, 1980 (age 41)

19. Dejan Lovren

Dejan Lovren
Male. Croatian association football player
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
Footballer, Sportsperson

20. Henrik Agersborg

Henrik Agersborg
Male. sailor
First Name: Henrik
Born on July 5, 1872
Died on May 23, 1942 (aged 69)
Born in Norway, Nordland
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