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List of Famous People named Karen

Name Karen is among the most common names in USA, England, Canada, Australia. Similar names: Karin, Karina, Karyn, Karine, Karena, Kareena, Kaaren, Karren, Karrine. Here are some famous Karens:
23rd in USA 28th in England 16th in Canada 214th in Philippines 260th in Mexico 408th in Brazil 18th in Australia 90th in Chile 220th in South Africa 7th in Armenia 34th in Honduras 30th in Scotland 42nd in Denmark 142nd in Ecuador 242nd in Peru 463rd in Germany 16th in New Zealand 305th in Colombia 224th in Venezuela 479th in Russia 66th in Israel 453rd in Kenya 211st in Netherlands 37th in Costa Rica 34th in Wales 63rd in Ireland 72nd in Nicaragua 300th in Guatemala 489th in France 111st in El Salvador 267th in Belgium 265th in Bolivia 160th in Norway 46th in Northern Ireland 59th in Jamaica 286th in Dominican Republic 682nd in Spain 144th in Panama 273rd in Lebanon 592nd in Zambia 947th in Malaysia 426th in Paraguay 180th in Uruguay 755th in Argentina 37th in Trinidad and Tobago 25th in Guyana 378th in Georgia 557th in Papua New Guinea 38th in Bahamas 790th in Switzerland 329th in Puerto Rico 861st in Sweden 655th in Ukraine 69th in Barbados 81st in Iceland 34th in Belize 1598th in Italy 846th in Oman 894th in Greece 16th in Guernsey 30th in Jersey 10th in Greenland 22nd in U.S. Virgin Islands 14th in Bermuda 1034th in Austria 969th in Namibia 14th in Antigua and Barbuda 766th in Belarus 100th in Isle of Man 26th in Cayman Islands 12nd in Turks and Caicos Islands 246th in Brunei 56th in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 99th in Grenada 22nd in Saint Kitts and Nevis 513rd in Solomon Islands 199th in St. Lucia 677th in Cyprus 2876th in Azerbaijan 1524th in Finland 19th in British Virgin Islands 226th in Micronesia 86th in Marshall Islands 228th in Dominica 157th in Monaco 38th in Saint Helena 24th in Anguilla 701st in Moldova 406th in Faroe Islands 12nd in Falkland Islands 171st in Cook Islands 2160th in Hungary 100th in Montserrat 542nd in San Marino 871st in Andorra 841st in Liechtenstein 357th in Saint Pierre and Miquelon 2832nd in Montenegro 4566th in Nauru

1. Karen Gillan
Karen Sheila Gillan

Karen Gillan
Female. Scottish actress and filmmaker
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Gillan
Born on November 28, 1987 (age 35)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10
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2. Karen McDonald

Female. American politician in Michigan (born 1970)
First Name: Karen
Last Name: McDonald
Born on July 11, 1970 (age 52)
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3. Karen Wetterhahn

Karen Wetterhahn
Female. American chemist
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Wetterhahn
Born on October 16, 1948
Died on June 8, 1997 (aged 48)
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4. Karen Dotrice

Karen Dotrice
Female. British actress
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Dotrice
Born on November 9, 1955 (age 67)
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5. Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter
Female. American singer and drummer (1950–1983)
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Carpenter
Born on March 2, 1950
Died on February 4, 1983 (aged 32)
Height: 163 cm | 5'4
Search Tags
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6. Karen Makishima

Karen Makishima
Female. Japanese politician
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Makishima
Born on November 1, 1976 (age 46)

7. Karen McDougal

Karen McDougal
Female. American model and actress
First Name: Karen
Last Name: McDougal
Born on March 23, 1971 (age 51)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8
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8. Karen Takizawa

Female. Japanese fashion model
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Takizawa
Born on May 13, 1992 (age 30)
Born in Japan
Height: 170 cm | 5'7

9. Karen Bass

Karen Bass
Female. U.S. Representative from California
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Bass
Born on October 3, 1953 (age 69)
Search Tags
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10. Karen Miyama

Female. Japanese actress
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Miyama
Born on December 12, 1996 (age 25)
Born in Japan
Height: 152 cm | 5'0

11. Karen Pence
Karen Sue Batten

Karen Pence
Female. Second Lady of the United States (2017—2021)
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Pence
Born on January 1, 1958 (age 64)
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12. Karen Khachanov

Karen Khachanov
Male. Russian tennis player
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Khachanov
Born on May 21, 1996 (age 26)
Born in Russia
Height: 198 cm | 6'6
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13. Karen Black
Karen Blanche Ziegler

Karen Black
Female. American actress, screenwriter, singer, and songwriter (1939-2013)
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Black
Born on July 1, 1939
Died on August 8, 2013 (aged 74)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7
Search Tags
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14. Karen Civil

Female. American social media and digital media marketing strategist
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Civil
Born on November 30, 1985 (age 37)
Search Tags
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15. Karen Fukuhara

Karen Fukuhara
Female. American actress
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Fukuhara
Born on February 10, 1992 (age 30)
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16. Karen Blixen
Karen Christentze Dinesen

Karen Blixen
Female. Danish writer
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Blixen
Died on September 7, 1962
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17. Karen Allen
Karen Jane Allen

Karen Allen
Female. American actress
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Allen
Born on October 5, 1951 (age 71)
Height: 165 cm | 5'5
Search Tags
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18. Karen Dalton

Karen Dalton
Female. American musician (1937-1993)
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Dalton
Born on July 19, 1937
Died on March 19, 1993 (aged 55)

19. Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark Sheard
Female. American musician and songwriter
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Sheard
Born on November 15, 1960 (age 62)
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20. Karen Handel

Karen Handel
Female. American politician
First Name: Karen
Last Name: Handel
Born on April 18, 1962 (age 60)
Search Tags
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