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List of Famous People named Gregory

Name Gregory is among the most common names in USA. Shortened forms: Greg. Similar names: Greg, Gregor, Grigory, Gregorio, Grigori, Gregori, Grigore, Grigor, Gregoria. Here are some famous Gregorys:

1. Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter
Male. American jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actor
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Porter
Born on November 4, 1971 (age 51)
Height: 190 cm | 6'3
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2. Gregory Peck
Eldred Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck
Male. American actor (1916–2003)
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Peck
Born on April 5, 1916
Died on June 12, 2003 (aged 87)
Height: 189 cm | 6'2
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3. Grégory Lemarchal

Grégory Lemarchal
Male. French singer (1983-2007)
First Name: Grégory
Last Name: Lemarchal
Born on May 13, 1983
Died on April 30, 2007 (aged 23)

4. Gregory Doran

Male. British theatre director
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Doran
Born on November 24, 1958 (age 64)
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5. Grégory Fitoussi

Grégory Fitoussi
Male. French actor
First Name: Grégory
Last Name: Fitoussi
Born on August 13, 1976 (age 46)

6. Greg Gianforte

Greg Gianforte
Male. American politician and businessman
First Name: Greg
Last Name: Gianforte
Born on April 17, 1961 (age 61)
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7. Gregory Scarpa

Gregory Scarpa
Male. American mobster
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Scarpa
Born on May 8, 1928
Died on July 4, 1994 (aged 66)

8. Gregory Heisler

Gregory Heisler
Male. American photographer
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Heisler
Born on January 1, 1954 (age 68)
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9. Gloria Hemingway
Gregory Hancock Hemingway

Gloria Hemingway
Female. American physician (1931-2001)
First Name: Gloria
Last Name: Hemingway
Born on November 12, 1931
Died on October 1, 2001 (aged 69)

10. Grégory Doucet

Grégory Doucet
Male. French politician
First Name: Grégory
Last Name: Doucet
Born on August 22, 1973 (age 49)

11. Gregory van der Wiel
Gregory Kurtley van der Wiel

Gregory van der Wiel
Male. Dutch association football player
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Wiel
Born on February 3, 1988 (age 34)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0
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12. Gregory Sierra

Gregory Sierra
Male. American actor (1937-2021)
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Sierra
Born on January 25, 1937
Died on January 4, 2021 (aged 83)
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13. Grégory Alldritt

Male. French rugby union player
First Name: Grégory
Last Name: Alldritt
Born on March 23, 1997 (age 25)
Born in France, Occitania
Height: 190 cm | 6'3

14. Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms
Male. American professional wrestler
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Helms
Born on July 12, 1974 (age 48)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0
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15. Gregory Diaz IV

Male. American actor
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: IV
Born on May 2, 2005 (age 17)
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16. Gregory I

Gregory I
Male. Pope from 590 to 603
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: I
Died on March 12, 0604
Born in Italy, Lazio

17. Gregory Polanco

Gregory Polanco
Male. Dominican professional baseball player
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Polanco
Born on September 14, 1991 (age 31)
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18. Gregory Salcido

Gregory Salcido
Male. American mayor
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Salcido
Born on July 4, 1968 (age 54)
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19. Grégory Sertic

Grégory Sertic
Male. French footballer
First Name: Grégory
Last Name: Sertic
Born on August 5, 1989 (age 33)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0

20. Gregory D. Gadson

Gregory D. Gadson
Male. United States Army officer
First Name: Gregory
Last Name: Gadson
Born on February 19, 1966 (age 56)
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