List of Famous People born on November 19th

1. Jodie Foster
Alicia Christian Foster

Jodie Foster
Female. American actor, film director and producer
First Name: Jodie
Born on November 19, 1962 (age 59)
Height: 159 cm | 5'3"

2. Vivek

Male. Indian actor
Born on November 19, 1961 (age 60)

3. Adam Driver
Adam Douglas Driver

Adam Driver
Male. American actor
First Name: Adam
Last Name: Driver
Born on November 19, 1983 (age 38)
Height: 189 cm | 6'2"

4. Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth
Female. American professional wrestling manager
First Name: Miss
Born on November 19, 1960
Died on May 1, 2003 (aged 42)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"

5. Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman
Female. Bollywood actress
First Name: Zeenat
Born on November 19, 1951 (age 70)
Born in India

6. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi
Female. Indian Prime Minister and Politician
First Name: Indira
Born on November 19, 1917
Died on October 31, 1984 (aged 66)
Born in India

7. Kiren Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju
Male. Bharatiya Janata Party politician
First Name: Kiren
Born on November 19, 1971 (age 50)
Born in India

8. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey
Male. American internet computer software executive, CEO of Twitter and Square
First Name: Jack
Last Name: Dorsey
Born on November 19, 1976 (age 45)
Net Worth: $2.6B

9. Allison Janney
Allison Brooks Janney

Allison Janney
Female. American actress and singer
First Name: Allison
Last Name: Janney
Born on November 19, 1959 (age 62)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"

10. Larry King

Larry King
Male. American television and radio host
First Name: Larry
Born on November 19, 1933 (age 88)

11. Tyga
Micheal Ray Stevenson

Male. American rapper, singer and actor from California
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"

12. Meg Ryan
Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra

Meg Ryan
Female. American actress and producer
First Name: Meg
Last Name: Ryan
Born on November 19, 1961 (age 60)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

13. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi
Male. British businessman
First Name: Edoardo
Born on November 19, 1983 (age 38)

14. Charles I of England

Charles I of England
Male. monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland
First Name: Charles
Last Name: England
Born on November 19, 1600
Died on January 30, 1649 (aged 48)

15. Laurent Blanc
Laurent Robert Blanc

Laurent Blanc
Male. French association football player and manager
First Name: Laurent
Last Name: Blanc
Born on November 19, 1965 (age 56)
Born in France, Occitania
Height: 192 cm | 6'4"
Footballer, Sportsperson, Football-manager

16. Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen
Female. 27th and current prime minister of Denmark
First Name: Mette
Last Name: Frederiksen
Born on November 19, 1977 (age 44)

17. Rani Lakshmibai

Rani Lakshmibai
Female. queen of the Maratha-ruled Jhansi State
First Name: Rani
Last Name: Lakshmibai
Born on November 19, 1828
Died on June 18, 1858 (aged 29)
Born in India

18. Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria
Female. singer and actress from India
First Name: Tara
Last Name: Sutaria
Born on November 19, 1995 (age 26)
Born in India

19. Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly
Female. English actress
First Name: Katherine
Born on November 19, 1979 (age 42)

20. Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi

Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi
Male. Current President of Egypt
First Name: Abd
Born on November 19, 1954 (age 67)
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