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August 30
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List of Famous people born on August 30

1. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
Female. American actress
First Name: Cameron
Last Name: Diaz
Born on August 30, 1972 (age 48)
Height: 173 cm | 5'8"

2. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett
Male. American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
First Name: Warren
Last Name: Buffett
Born on August 30, 1930 (age 90)
Net Worth: $67.5B

3. Alexander Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko
Male. President of Belarus since 20 July 1994
First Name: Alexander
Last Name: Lukashenko
Born on August 30, 1954 (age 66)

4. Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha
Female. American singer
First Name: Bebe
Born on August 30, 1989 (age 31)
Height: 163 cm | 5'4"

5. Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto
Male. Japanese idol
First Name: Jun
Last Name: Matsumoto
Born on August 30, 1983 (age 37)
Born in Japan, Tokyo

6. Gabriel Barbosa

Gabriel Barbosa
Male. Brazilian footballer ur nan up a ra
First Name: Gabriel
Last Name: Barbosa
Born on August 30, 1996 (age 24)
Born in Brazil, São Paulo
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"
Footballer, Sportsperson

7. Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton
Female. American actress
First Name: Peggy
Born on August 30, 1946
Died on May 11, 2019 (aged 72)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"

8. Jordan Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers
Male. American football player
First Name: Jordan
Last Name: Rodgers
Born on August 30, 1988 (age 32)
American-football-player, Sportsperson

9. Jessica Henwick

Jessica Henwick
Female. British actress
First Name: Jessica
Born on August 30, 1992 (age 28)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6"

10. Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton
Male. African-American activist
First Name: Fred
Last Name: Hampton
Born on August 30, 1948
Died on December 4, 1969 (aged 21)

11. Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley
Female. English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and travel writer
First Name: Mary
Last Name: Shelley
Born on August 30, 1797
Died on February 1, 1851 (aged 53)

12. Laurent Delahousse

Laurent Delahousse
Male. French journalist
First Name: Laurent
Born on August 30, 1969 (age 51)

13. Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick
Male. US tennis player
First Name: Andy
Last Name: Roddick
Born on August 30, 1982 (age 38)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

14. Paco Alcácer

Paco Alcácer
Male. Spanish association football player
First Name: Paco
Born on August 30, 1993 (age 27)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
Footballer, Sportsperson

15. Billy Joe Saunders

Billy Joe Saunders
Male. British professional boxer
First Name: Billy
Last Name: Saunders
Born on August 30, 1989 (age 31)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"
Boxer, Sportsperson

16. Grim Sleeper

Grim Sleeper
Male. American serial killer
Born on August 30, 1952
Died on March 28, 2020 (aged 67)

17. Björn Werner

Björn Werner
Male. German-American football player
First Name: Björn
Last Name: Werner
Born on August 30, 1990 (age 30)
Born in Germany
Height: 193 cm | 6'4"

18. Li Zhanshu

Li Zhanshu
Male. Member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China
First Name: Li
Born on August 30, 1950 (age 70)

19. Chalino Sánchez

Chalino Sánchez
Male. Mexican singer
Last Name: Sánchez
Born on August 30, 1960
Died on May 16, 1992 (aged 31)
Born in Mexico

20. Helge Schneider

Helge Schneider
Male. German comedian, jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist, author, film and theatre director and actor
First Name: Helge
Last Name: Schneider
Born on August 30, 1955 (age 65)
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