List of Famous people born in Louisiana, United States of America

Louisiana is a state in the Deep South region of the South Central United States. It is the 19th-smallest by area and the 25th most populous of the 50 U.S. states. Louisiana is bordered by the state of Texas to the west, Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. A large part of its eastern boundary is demarcated by the Mississippi River. Louisiana is the only U.S. state with political subdivisions termed parishes, which are equivalent to counties. The state's capital is Baton Rouge, and its largest city is New Orleans.

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1. Reese Witherspoon
Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon
Female. American actress and producer
First Name: Reese
Last Name: Witherspoon
Born on March 22, 1976 (age 45)
Height: 156 cm | 5'1"

2. Dustin Poirier
Dustin Glenn Poirier

Dustin Poirier
Male. American martial artist
First Name: Dustin
Born on January 19, 1989 (age 32)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres
Female. American stand-up comedian, television host, and actress
First Name: Ellen
Last Name: DeGeneres
Born on January 26, 1958 (age 63)
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

4. Paul Mooney
Paul Gladney

Paul Mooney
Male. American comedian, writer, social critic, television and film actor
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Mooney
Born on August 4, 1941 (age 80)

5. DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled
Male. American DJ, record producer, radio personality, and record executive
First Name: DJ
Last Name: Khaled
Born on November 26, 1975 (age 45)
Height: 169 cm | 5'7"

6. Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong
Male. American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer
First Name: Louis
Last Name: Armstrong
Died on July 6, 1971 (aged 1)
Height: 167 cm | 5'6"

7. Jared Leto
Jared Joseph Leto

Jared Leto
Male. American actor and musician
First Name: Jared
Born on December 26, 1971 (age 49)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"

8. Anthony Mackie
Anthony Dwane Mackie

Anthony Mackie
Male. American actor
First Name: Anthony
Last Name: Mackie
Born on September 23, 1978 (age 43)
Height: 178 cm | 5'10"

9. Peyton Manning
Peyton Williams Manning

Peyton Manning
Male. American football quarterback
First Name: Peyton
Last Name: Manning
Born on March 24, 1976 (age 45)
Height: 196 cm | 6'5"
American-football-player, Sportsperson

10. Lil Wayne
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Lil Wayne
Male. American rapper, singer, record executive and businessman
First Name: Lil
Born on September 27, 1982 (age 39)
Height: 165 cm | 5'5"

11. Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Vivian Coney

Amy Coney Barrett
Female. American judge
First Name: Amy
Last Name: Barrett
Born on January 28, 1972 (age 49)

12. Alyssa Carson

Alyssa Carson
Female. American space enthusiast and public speaker
First Name: Alyssa
Last Name: Carson
Born on March 10, 2001 (age 20)

13. Barry Seal
Adler Berriman Seal

Barry Seal
Male. American smuggler of drugs and arms, aircraft pilot, and money launderer
First Name: Barry
Last Name: Seal
Born on July 16, 1939
Died on February 19, 1986 (aged 46)

14. Bryan Spears
Bryan James Spears

Bryan Spears
Male. American film and television producer
First Name: Bryan
Last Name: Spears
Born on April 19, 1977 (age 44)

15. Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw
Male. American football quarterback
First Name: Terry
Last Name: Bradshaw
Born on September 2, 1948 (age 73)
Height: 191 cm | 6'3"
American-football-player, Sportsperson

16. Tyler Perry
Emmitt Perry Jr.

Tyler Perry
Male. American actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, and songwriter
First Name: Tyler
Last Name: Perry
Height: 194 cm | 6'4"

17. Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste
Male. American cross-genre musician
First Name: Jon
Last Name: Batiste
Born on November 11, 1986 (age 34)

18. Addison Rae

Addison Rae
Female. American social media personality
First Name: Addison
Last Name: Rae
Born on October 6, 2000 (age 21)

19. Dak Prescott
Begger of money

Dak Prescott
Male. American football player
First Name: Dak
Born on July 29, 1993 (age 28)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
American-football-player, Sportsperson

20. Madam C. J. Walker
Sarah Breedlove

Madam C. J. Walker
Female. American entrepreneur
First Name: Madam
Last Name: Walker
Born on December 23, 1867
Died on May 25, 1919 (aged 51)
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