List of Famous People named Marie

Name Marie is among the most common names in France, USA, England, Canada, Switzerland, Australia. Similar names: Mary, Maria, Mario, Mari, Mariya, Mira, Meir, Mara, Meera, Meyer, Mariah, Myra, Mare, Mirai, Mir, Maro, Miro, Mairi, Marya, Mar, Maiara, Myer, Mere, Merry, Mero, Mireia, Meri, Meira, Miria, Maire, Mireya, Mirrah, Mariia, Mayra, Myrrha, Miri, Mareo, Marah, Mair, Maree. Here are some famous Maries:
Name Marie Rankings by Bearers
2nd in DR Congo 2nd in France 1st in Haiti 119th in USA 2nd in Cameroon 2nd in Madagascar 4th in Czech Republic 1st in Mauritius 7th in Rwanda 222nd in Philippines 136th in England 6th in Belgium 6th in Burundi 38th in Burkina Faso 40th in Senegal 1st in Benin 92nd in Canada 36th in Guinea 38th in Cote d'Ivoire 309th in Ethiopia 344th in Germany 13rd in CAR 38th in Sweden 94th in Mali 14th in Congo 28th in Ireland 334th in South Africa 32nd in Liberia 86th in Chad 2nd in Gabon 106th in Switzerland 192nd in Australia 96th in Denmark 65th in Togo 123rd in Norway 115th in Scotland 3rd in Luxembourg 116th in New Zealand 483rd in Morocco 226th in Dominican Republic 1792nd in Brazil 476th in Netherlands 66th in Northern Ireland 1415th in Mexico 4857th in Indonesia 202nd in Jamaica 214th in Wales 3rd in Vanuatu 318th in Austria 335th in Papua New Guinea 255th in Albania 1131st in Spain 8th in New Caledonia 709th in Israel 12678th in India 3rd in St. Lucia 1047th in Italy 472nd in UAE 253rd in Puerto Rico 1014th in Niger 1st in Seychelles 11st in French Polynesia 1st in Wallis and Futuna 565th in Greece 58th in Bahamas 968th in Chile 93rd in Malta 3rd in Saint Martin 19th in Isle of Man 19th in Dominica 744th in Finland 427th in Trinidad and Tobago 25th in Guam 9th in Greenland 195th in Belize 25th in U.S. Virgin Islands 213rd in Barbados 502nd in Slovakia 518th in Guyana 3rd in Turks and Caicos Islands 88th in Jersey 543rd in Mauritania 80th in Andorra 31st in Monaco 587th in Solomon Islands 691st in Cyprus 125th in Antigua and Barbuda 493rd in Brunei 922nd in Tunisia 306th in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 943rd in Hungary 409th in Grenada 1962nd in Croatia 210th in Marshall Islands 40th in Saint Pierre and Miquelon 400th in Micronesia 504th in Cape Verde 48th in Anguilla 516th in Cayman Islands 130th in Cook Islands 516th in Faroe Islands 739th in Saint Kitts and Nevis 595th in British Virgin Islands 2055th in Montenegro 173rd in Saint Helena 117th in Montserrat 109th in Falkland Islands 562nd in Liechtenstein 594th in San Marino 540th in Nauru

1. Marie Curie
Marya Salomea Skłodowska

Marie Curie
Female. Polish-French physicist and chemist
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Curie
Born on November 7, 1867
Died on July 4, 1934 (aged 66)
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2. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette
Female. last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Antoinette
Born on November 2, 1755
Died on October 16, 1793 (aged 37)
Born in Austria
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3. Marie Versini

Marie Versini
Female. actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Versini

4. Marie Trintignant

Marie Trintignant
Female. French actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Trintignant
Born on January 21, 1962
Died on August 1, 2003 (aged 41)
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5. Marie Fredriksson
Gun-Marie Fredriksson

Marie Fredriksson
Female. Swedish singer, songwriter, pianist and painter
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Fredriksson
Born on May 30, 1958
Died on December 9, 2019 (aged 61)

6. Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo
Female. Japanese organizing consultant, author and television show host
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Kondo
Born on October 9, 1984 (age 37)
Born in Japan
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7. Marie Litta
Marie Eugenia von Elsner

Marie Litta
Female. American opera singer
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Litta
Born on June 1, 1856
Died on July 7, 1883 (aged 27)

8. Marie L. Yovanovitch
Marie Louise Yovanovitch

Marie L. Yovanovitch
Female. American ambassador
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Yovanovitch
Born on November 11, 1958 (age 63)
Born in Canada, Quebec
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9. Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France

Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France
Female. French princess
First Name: Marie
Last Name: France
Born on December 19, 1778
Died on October 19, 1851 (aged 72)

10. Marie Laforêt
Maïtena Marie Brigitte Douménach

Marie Laforêt
Female. French-Swiss singer and actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Laforêt
Born on October 5, 1939
Died on November 2, 2019 (aged 80)

11. Marie Darrieussecq

Marie Darrieussecq
Female. French writer
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Darrieussecq
Born on January 3, 1969 (age 53)
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12. Marie Drucker

Marie Drucker
Female. French journalist and presenter
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Drucker
Born on December 3, 1974 (age 47)
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13. Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond
Female. singer from the United States and member of The Osmonds
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Osmond
Born on October 13, 1959 (age 62)
Height: 163 cm | 5'4"
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14. Marie Bäumer

Marie Bäumer
Female. German actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Bäumer
Born on May 7, 1969 (age 53)

15. Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin
Female. American journalist, war reporter
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Colvin
Born on January 12, 1956
Died on February 22, 2012 (aged 56)

16. Marie Harel
Marie Catherine Fontaine

Marie Harel
Female. Inventor of Camembert Cheese
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Harel
Born on April 28, 1761
Died on November 9, 1844 (aged 83)
Born in France, Normandy

17. Marie Iitoyo

Marie Iitoyo
Female. Japanese actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Iitoyo
Born on January 5, 1998 (age 24)
Born in Japan
Height: 167 cm | 5'6"
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18. Marie Gruber

Marie Gruber
Female. German actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Gruber
Born on June 11, 1955
Died on February 8, 2018 (aged 62)

19. Marie Doro

Marie Doro
Female. American stage and film actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Doro
Born on May 25, 1882
Died on October 9, 1956 (aged 74)

20. Marie Kremer

Marie Kremer
Female. Belgian actress
First Name: Marie
Last Name: Kremer
Born on April 15, 1982 (age 40)
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