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List of Famous People named Lydia

Similar names: Lidia, Lydie, Lidiya, Lyda, Lidya, Liddy, Leda, Lida, Lead, Lido. Here are some famous Lydias:
62nd in Uganda 501st in USA 162nd in Philippines 290th in Nigeria 83rd in Kenya 219th in Germany 78th in Ghana 142nd in South Africa 289th in Tanzania 115th in Zimbabwe 173rd in Malawi 163rd in Zambia 359th in France 454th in England 751st in Mexico 294th in Cameroon 698th in DR Congo 436th in Spain 30th in Namibia 3099th in Indonesia 401st in Argentina 343rd in Netherlands 311st in Belgium 650th in Canada 253rd in Switzerland 155th in Papua New Guinea 684th in Algeria 348th in Israel 172nd in Liberia 753rd in Malaysia 266th in Austria 532nd in Benin 147th in Puerto Rico 243rd in Congo 339th in Greece 683rd in Australia 351st in Jamaica 516th in Lebanon 229th in Botswana 579th in Denmark 820th in Sweden 628th in New Zealand 816th in Nicaragua 268th in Trinidad and Tobago 480th in Wales 1591st in Italy 144th in Solomon Islands 578th in Scotland 455th in Uruguay 971st in Cuba 456th in Lesotho 392nd in Slovakia 982nd in Panama 852nd in El Salvador 488th in Northern Ireland 177th in Belize 281st in Bahamas 96th in St. Lucia 471st in Cyprus 689th in Guyana 326th in Paraguay 110th in U.S. Virgin Islands 122nd in Grenada 1321st in Finland 554th in Czech Republic 602nd in Barbados 285th in Antigua and Barbuda 369th in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 142nd in Turks and Caicos Islands 270th in Saint Kitts and Nevis 127th in British Virgin Islands 231st in Liechtenstein 304th in Faroe Islands 2332nd in Croatia 499th in Jersey 604th in Brunei 344th in Marshall Islands 350th in Monaco 563rd in Cayman Islands 352nd in Iceland 221st in Cook Islands 144th in Nauru 848th in Cape Verde 250th in Anguilla 384th in Dominica 261st in Isle of Man 1073rd in Montserrat 421st in Saint Pierre and Miquelon 4529th in Lithuania 3343rd in Montenegro 771st in San Marino

1. Lydia Bosch
Lydia Boquera de Buen

Lydia Bosch
Female. Spanish actress and presenter
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Bosch
Born on November 26, 1963 (age 59)
Born in Spain, Catalonia
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2. Lydia Benecke

Lydia Benecke
Female. German psychologist and writer
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Benecke
Born on October 31, 1982 (age 40)
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3. Lydia Hearst-Shaw

Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Female. American model and actress
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Hearst-Shaw
Born on September 19, 1984 (age 38)
Height: 168 cm | 5'6
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4. Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko
Female. South Korea-born New Zealand golfer
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Ko
Born on April 24, 1997 (age 25)
Born in South Korea
Height: 167 cm | 5'6
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5. Lydia Jacoby
Lydia Alice Jacoby

Female. American swimmer
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Jacoby
Born on February 29, 2004 (age 18)
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6. Lydia Fairchild

Female. American sufferer of Chimera
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Fairchild
Born on November 30, 1975 (age 47)
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7. Lydia Wilson

Female. British-American actress
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Wilson
Born on November 30, 1984 (age 38)
Height: 164 cm | 5'5
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8. Lydia Bright

Female. British model
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Bright
Born on November 30, 1900 (age 122)
Height: 164 cm | 5'5
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9. Lydia Lassila

Lydia Lassila
Female. Australian freestyle skier
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Lassila
Born on January 17, 1982 (age 40)
Born in Australia, Victoria
Height: 157 cm | 5'2
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10. Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho
Female. Mexican journalist
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Cacho
Born on April 12, 1963 (age 59)
Born in Mexico
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11. Lydia Gouardo

Female. French rape and torture victim
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Gouardo
Born on November 13, 1962 (age 60)
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12. Lydia Kandou

Female. Indonesian actress
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Kandou
Born on February 21, 1963 (age 59)
Born in Indonesia
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13. Lydia Litvyak

Lydia Litvyak
Female. Soviet flying ace
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Litvyak
Born on August 18, 1921
Died on August 1, 1943 (aged 21)
Born in Russia
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14. Lydia Makhubu

Female. Swazi chemist
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Makhubu
Born on July 1, 1937 (age 85)
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15. Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn

Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn
Female. Hong Kong politician (born 1940)
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Dunn
Born on February 29, 1940 (age 82)

16. Lydia Kavina

Lydia Kavina
Female. Russian musician
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Kavina
Born on September 8, 1967 (age 55)
Born in Russia
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17. Lydia Mary Hewitt

Female. born 1938
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Hewitt
Born on May 10, 1938 (age 84)

18. Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis
Female. American writer
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Davis
Born on July 15, 1947 (age 75)
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19. Lydia Johnson
Lydia Norriss Johnson

Female. daughter of Jimmie Johnson
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Johnson
Born on January 1, 2013 (age 9)
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20. Lydia Chesshyre

Female. (born 1979)
First Name: Lydia
Last Name: Chesshyre
Born on August 17, 1979 (age 43)
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