List of Famous people with last name Neville

Gary Neville

Gary Alexander Neville
First Name Gary
Last Name Neville
Born on February 18, 1975 (age 49)
Height 180 cm | 5'11

Gary Alexander Neville is an English football coach and former player who is a co-owner of Salford City. After retiring from football in 2011, Neville went into punditry and was a commentator for Sky Sports, until he took over the head coach position at Valencia in 2015. After being sacked by the club in 2016, he returned to his position as a pundit for Sky Sports later that year. He was also assistant manager for the England national team from 2012 to 2016.

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Phil Neville

Philip John Neville is an English football manager and former player, who is the head coach of MLS team Inter Miami. He is also the co-owner of Salford City, along with several of his former Manchester United teammates.

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Tracey Neville

First Name Tracey
Last Name Neville
Born on January 21, 1977 (age 47)

Tracey Anne Neville is a former England netball international and a former England head coach. As a player, she was a member of the England teams that won bronze medals at the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 1999 World Netball Championships. As a head coach she guided Northern Thunder/Manchester Thunder to Netball Superleague titles in 2012 and 2014. Between 2015 and 2019 she served as England head coach. She subsequently guided England to the gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and to bronze medals at the 2015 and 2019 Netball World Cups. In 2016 she was awarded an. Neville is the twin sister and younger sister, respectively, of Phil and Gary Neville, the former England and Manchester United footballers. In 2019 Neville and her twin brother, Phil, coached England women's national teams to the semi-final stages in the 2019 Netball World Cup and 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup respectively.

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Art Neville

Arthur Lanon Neville
First Name Art
Born on December 17, 1937
Died on July 22, 2019 (aged 81)

Arthur Lanon Neville was an American singer, songwriter and keyboardist from New Orleans.

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Aaron Neville

First Name Aaron
Last Name Neville
Born on January 24, 1941 (age 83)

Aaron Joseph Neville is an American R&B and soul vocalist and musician. He has had four platinum albums and four Top 10 hits in the United States, including three that went to #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart. His debut single, from 1966, was #1 on the Soul chart for five weeks.

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Neville Neville

First Name Neville
Last Name Neville
Died on August 7, 2015 (aged 45)

Neville Neville was a British league cricketer, football agent and director. His sons are the former professional association football players Gary Neville and Phil Neville and his daughter is the professional netball player and coach Tracey Neville.

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Ritchie Neville

First Name Ritchie
Last Name Neville
Born on August 23, 1979 (age 44)
Height 175 cm | 5'9

Richard Neville Dobson is a British sommelier, restaurateur and singer from Solihull, England. He is most noted for being a member of the boy band Five.

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Hugh de Neville

First Name Hugh
Born on November 30, 1100
Died on January 1, 1234 (aged 133)

Hugh de Neville was the Chief Forester under the kings Richard I, John and Henry III of England; he was the sheriff for a number of counties. Related to a number of other royal officials as well as a bishop, Neville was a member of Prince Richard's household. After Richard became king in 1189, Neville continued in his service and accompanied him on the Third Crusade. Neville remained in the royal service following Richard's death in 1199 and the accession of King John to the throne, becoming one of the new king's favourites and often gambling with him. He was named in Magna Carta as one of John's principal advisers, and considered by a medieval chronicler to be one of King John's "evil counsellors". He deserted John after the French invasion of England in 1216 but returned to pledge his loyalty to John's son Henry III after the latter's accession to the throne later that year. Neville's royal service continued until his death in 1234, though by then he was a less significant figure than he had been at the height of his powers.

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Ralph Neville

First Name Ralph
Last Name Neville
Born on November 30, 1149
Died on February 4, 1244 (aged 94)

Ralph Neville was a medieval clergyman and politician who served as Bishop of Chichester and Lord Chancellor of England. Neville first appears in the historical record in 1207 in the service of King John, and remained in royal service throughout the rest of his life. By 1213 Neville had custody of the Great Seal of England, although he was not named chancellor, the office responsible for the seal, until 1226. He was rewarded with the bishopric of Chichester in 1222. Although he was also briefly Archbishop-elect of Canterbury and Bishop-elect of Winchester, both elections were set aside, or quashed, and he held neither office.

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Richard Neville

Richard Clive Neville
First Name Richard
Last Name Neville
Born on December 15, 1941
Died on September 4, 2016 (aged 74)

Richard Clive Neville was an Australian writer and social commentator who came to fame as an editor of the counterculture magazine OZ in Australia and the United Kingdom in the 1960s and early 1970s. He was educated as a boarder at Knox Grammar School and enrolled for an arts degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Australian political magazine The Monthly described Neville as a "pioneer of the war on deference".

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