List of Famous people with last name Montaner

Evaluna Montaner

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodríguez
First Name Evaluna
Born on August 7, 1997 (age 26)
Born in Venezuela

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodríguez, known as Evaluna Montaner, is a Venezuelan actress, YouTuber and singer, daughter of singer Ricardo Montaner and younger sister of Mauricio and Ricardo Montaner, known as Mau y Ricky.

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Ricardo Montaner

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner
First Name Ricardo
Last Name Montaner
Born on September 8, 1957 (age 66)

Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner, better known as Ricardo Montaner, is an Argentine-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Since starting his career in the late 1970s, he has already released more than 24 albums, and many successful singles. He has sold an estimated sales of 22 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling Latin music artists.

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Megan Montaner

Megan Gracia Montaner
First Name Megan
Born on August 21, 1987 (age 36)
Born in Spain, Aragon

Megan Gracia Montaner is a Spanish actress and former model. She is known for her roles in television shows The Secret of Puente Viejo, Grand Hotel and No Identity, all broadcast on Antena 3. Most recently she played Elena Martín in 30 Coins.

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Julio Montaner

First Name Julio
Last Name Montaner
Born on April 13, 1956 (age 68)
Born in Argentina

Julio S. G. Montaner, is an Argentine-Canadian physician, professor and researcher. He is the director of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, the chair in AIDS Research and head of the Division of AIDS in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and the past-president of the International AIDS Society. He is also the director of the John Ruedy Immunodeficiency Clinic, and the Physician Program Director for HIV/AIDS PHC. He is known for his work on HAART, a role in the discovery of triple therapy as an effective treatment for HIV in the late 1990s, and a role in advocating the "Treatment as Prevention" Strategy in the mid-2000s, led by Myron Cohen of the HPTN 052 trial.

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Luis Manuel Cosculluela Montaner

First Name Luis
Last Name Montaner
Born on September 23, 1939 (age 84)
Born in Spain, Aragon

Luis Cosculluela is a Spanish politician who served as Minister of Territorial Administration from July to December 1982.

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Carlos Alberto Montaner

First Name Carlos
Last Name Montaner
Born on April 3, 1943 (age 81)

Carlos Alberto Montaner is an exiled Cuban author known for his more than 25 books and thousands of articles, including several novels, the last of which is Sin ir más lejos . Some of his books are devoted to explaining the true nature of the Cuban dictatorship, for example: Journey To The Heart of Cuba. PODER magazine has estimated that more than six million readers have access to his weekly columns. He has been published widely in Latin American newspapers, and published fiction and non-fiction books on Latin America. Since 1968 he has had a syndicated weekly column in many newspapers around the world. Montaner is a political analyst for CNN en Español and a collaborator on the book, The Cuban Exile, along with well-known Cuban writers Mirta Ojito, award-winning poet and writer Carlos Pintado and Carlos Eire, a book coordinated by Cuban musician and producer Emilio Estefan. In October 2012, Foreign Policy magazine selected Montaner as one of the fifty most influential intellectuals in the Ibero-American world.

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