List of Famous people born in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. Located in Central Canada, it is Canada's most populous province, with 38.3 percent of the country's population, and is the second-largest province by total area. Ontario is Canada's fourth-largest jurisdiction in total area when the territories of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are included. It is home to the nation's capital city, Ottawa, and the nation's most populous city, Toronto, which is also Ontario's provincial capital.

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1. Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu
Female. British tennis player
First Name: Emma
Born on November 13, 2002 (age 18)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

2. Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber

Justin Bieber
Male. Canadian singer and songwriter
First Name: Justin
Last Name: Bieber
Born on March 1, 1994 (age 27)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 171 cm | 5'7"

3. Drake
Aubrey Drake Graham

Male. Canadian rapper, singer-songwriter and actor
Born on October 24, 1986 (age 34)
Born in Canada, Ontario

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey
Male. Canadian-American actor
First Name: Jim
Last Name: Carrey
Born on January 17, 1962 (age 59)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"

5. Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy
Male. Canadian television personality
First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Levy
Born on August 9, 1983 (age 37)
Born in Canada, Ontario

6. Rachel McAdams
Rachel Anne McAdams

Rachel McAdams
Female. Canadian actress
First Name: Rachel
Last Name: McAdams
Born on November 17, 1978 (age 42)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 163 cm | 5'4"

7. Avril Lavigne
Avril Ramona Lavigne

Avril Lavigne
Female. Canadian singer, songwriter and actress
First Name: Avril
Last Name: Lavigne
Born on September 27, 1984 (age 36)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 155 cm | 5'1"

8. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling
Male. Canadian actor
First Name: Ryan
Last Name: Gosling
Born on November 12, 1980 (age 40)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 184 cm | 6'0"

9. Justin Trudeau
Justin Pierre James Trudeau

Justin Trudeau
Male. 23rd Prime Minister of Canada; eldest son of Pierre Trudeau
First Name: Justin
Last Name: Trudeau
Born on December 25, 1971 (age 49)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"

10. Sunny Leone
Karenjit Kaur Vohra

Sunny Leone
Female. American Canadian actress, businesswoman, model and former pornographic actress
First Name: Sunny
Last Name: Leone
Born on May 13, 1981 (age 40)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 163 cm | 5'4"

11. Mae Martin

Mae Martin
Female. Canadian comedian and actor
First Name: Mae
Last Name: Martin
Born on May 2, 1987 (age 34)
Born in Canada, Ontario

12. Jennifer Pan

Jennifer Pan
Female. Vietnamese-Canadian convicted of matricide and attempted patricide
First Name: Jennifer
Born on June 17, 1986 (age 35)
Born in Canada, Ontario

13. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes
Male. Canadian singer-songwriter and model
First Name: Shawn
Last Name: Mendes
Born on August 8, 1998 (age 22)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"

14. Justine Musk

Justine Musk
Female. Canadian writer
First Name: Justine
Last Name: Musk
Born on September 2, 1972 (age 48)
Born in Canada, Ontario

15. Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene
Male. Canadian actor and musician
First Name: Lorne
Last Name: Greene
Born on February 12, 1915
Died on September 11, 1987 (aged 72)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"

16. Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy
Female. Canadian actress
First Name: Annie
Born on December 19, 1986 (age 34)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 170 cm | 5'7"

17. Emma Portner

Emma Portner
Female. Canadian professional dancer and choreographer
First Name: Emma
Born on October 31, 1994 (age 26)
Born in Canada, Ontario

18. Tara Strong
Tara Lyn Charendoff

Tara Strong
Female. American-Canadian actress
First Name: Tara
Last Name: Strong
Born on February 12, 1973 (age 48)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 159 cm | 5'3"

19. Nick Suzuki

Nick Suzuki
Male. Canadian ice hockey player
First Name: Nick
Last Name: Suzuki
Born on August 10, 1999 (age 21)
Born in Canada, Ontario

20. Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman
Male. Canadian American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic artist
First Name: Phil
Born on September 24, 1948
Died on May 28, 1998 (aged 49)
Born in Canada, Ontario
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"
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