List of Famous people named Augusto

Name Augusto is among the most common names in Portugal. Here are some famous Augustos:

1. Augusto Pinochet
Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte

Augusto Pinochet
Male. general, politician of Chile
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Pinochet
Born on November 25, 1915
Died on December 10, 2006 (aged 91)

2. Augusto Sakai

Augusto Sakai
Male. Brazilian mixed martial artist
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Sakai
Born on May 5, 1991 (age 30)

3. Augusto Fernández
Augusto Matías Fernández

Augusto Fernández
Male. Argentine association football player
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Fernández
Born on April 10, 1986 (age 35)
Height: 177 cm | 5'10"
Footballer, Sportsperson

4. Augusto Nicolas Calderón Sandino

Augusto Nicolas Calderón Sandino
Male. Nicaraguan revolutionary
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Sandino
Born on May 18, 1895
Died on February 21, 1934 (aged 38)

5. Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira

Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira
Male. Brazilian politician
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Pereira
Born on October 29, 1947 (age 74)
Born in Brazil, Paraná

6. Augusto Aras

Augusto Aras
Male. Brazilian lawyer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Aras
Born on December 4, 1958 (age 62)
Born in Brazil, Bahia

7. Augusto Polo Campos

Augusto Polo Campos
Male. Peruvian composer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Campos
Born on February 25, 1932
Died on January 17, 2018 (aged 85)
Born in Peru, Ayacucho

8. Augusto Cury

Augusto Cury
Male. Brazilian writer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Cury
Born on October 2, 1958 (age 63)
Born in Brazil, São Paulo

9. Augusto Algueró
Augusto Algueró Dasca

Augusto Algueró
Male. Spanish arranger, composer and music director (1934-2011)
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Algueró
Born on February 23, 1934
Died on January 16, 2011 (aged 76)
Born in Spain, Catalonia

10. Augusto Inácio

Augusto Inácio
Male. Portuguese footballer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Inácio
Born on February 1, 1955 (age 66)
Born in Portugal, Lisboa
Height: 179 cm | 5'10"
Footballer, Sportsperson, Football-manager
Other Names similar to Augusto

11. Augusto Solari

Augusto Solari
Male. footballer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Solari
Born on January 3, 1992 (age 29)
Height: 176 cm | 5'9"
Footballer, Sportsperson

12. Augusto Vandor

Augusto Vandor
Male. Argentine politician
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Vandor
Born on February 26, 1923
Died on June 30, 1969 (aged 46)

13. Augusto Batalla

Augusto Batalla
Male. Argentinian professional footballer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Batalla
Born on April 30, 1996 (age 25)
Height: 186 cm | 6'1"
Footballer, Sportsperson

14. Augusto dos Anjos

Augusto dos Anjos
Male. Brazilian poet and teacher
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Anjos
Born on April 20, 1884
Died on November 12, 1914 (aged 30)
Born in Brazil, Paraíba

15. Augusto Roa Bastos

Augusto Roa Bastos
Male. Paraguayan writer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Bastos
Born on June 13, 1917
Died on April 26, 2005 (aged 87)
Born in Paraguay

16. Augusto Lotti

Augusto Lotti
Male. association football player
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Lotti
Born on June 10, 1996 (age 25)
Height: 180 cm | 5'11"
Footballer, Sportsperson

17. Augusto Lasserre

Augusto Lasserre
Male. Argentine Navy officer
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Lasserre
Born on January 1, 1826
Died on January 1, 1906 (aged 80)

18. Augusto Teixeira de Freitas

Augusto Teixeira de Freitas
Male. Brazilian jurist
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Freitas
Born on January 1, 1816
Died on January 1, 1883 (aged 67)
Born in Brazil, Bahia

19. Augusto César Lima
Augusto César Lima Brito

Augusto César Lima
Male. Brazilian Basketball Player
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Lima
Born on September 17, 1991 (age 30)
Height: 206 cm | 6'9"
Basketballer, Sportsperson

20. Augusto Fantozzi

Augusto Fantozzi
Male. Italian politician and businessperson
First Name: Augusto
Last Name: Fantozzi
Born on June 24, 1940
Died on July 13, 2019 (aged 79)
Born in Italy, Lazio
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