List of Famous people born in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

West Pomeranian Voivodeship or West Pomerania Province is a voivodeship (province) in northwestern Poland. It borders on Pomeranian Voivodeship to the east, Greater Poland Voivodeship to the southeast, Lubusz Voivodeship to the south, the German federal-states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Brandenburg to the west, and the Baltic Sea to the north. Its capital and largest city is Szczecin.

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1. Catherine II of Russia

Catherine II of Russia
Female. Empress of Russia
First Name: Catherine
Last Name: Russia
Born on April 21, 1729
Died on November 17, 1796 (aged 67)

2. Grzegorz Krychowiak

Grzegorz Krychowiak
Male. Polish association football player
First Name: Grzegorz
Born on January 29, 1990 (age 31)
Height: 187 cm | 6'2"
Footballer, Sportsperson

3. Paul Ziemiak
Paweł Ziemiak

Paul Ziemiak
Male. German politician
First Name: Paul
Last Name: Ziemiak
Born on September 6, 1985 (age 36)

4. Ellen Schwiers

Ellen Schwiers
Female. German actress
First Name: Ellen
Last Name: Schwiers
Born on June 11, 1930
Died on April 26, 2019 (aged 88)

5. Klausjürgen Wussow

Klausjürgen Wussow
Male. German actor
First Name: Klausjürgen
Born on April 30, 1929
Died on June 19, 2007 (aged 78)

6. Waldemar Kita

Waldemar Kita
Male. Polish businessman
First Name: Waldemar
Born on April 30, 1953 (age 68)
Football-manager, Sportsperson

7. Robert Atzorn

Robert Atzorn
Male. German actor
First Name: Robert
Last Name: Atzorn
Born on February 2, 1945 (age 76)

8. Egon Krenz

Egon Krenz
Male. head of state of East Germany (GDR)
First Name: Egon
Born on March 19, 1937 (age 84)

9. Michael Holm
Lothar Bernhard Walter

Michael Holm
Male. German singer, musician, songwriter and record producer
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Holm
Born on July 29, 1943 (age 78)

10. Christel Peters

Christel Peters
Female. German actress
First Name: Christel
Born on January 15, 1916
Died on June 11, 2009 (aged 93)

11. Rudolf Virchow
Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow

Rudolf Virchow
Male. German doctor, anthropologist, public health activist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist and politician
First Name: Rudolf
Last Name: Virchow
Born on October 13, 1821
Died on September 5, 1902 (aged 80)

12. Schwesta Ewa

Schwesta Ewa
Female. German-Polish female rapper
First Name: Schwesta
Born on July 16, 1984 (age 37)

13. Hans Kammler

Hans Kammler
Male. German general (1901-1945)
First Name: Hans
Last Name: Kammler
Born on August 26, 1901
Died on May 9, 1945 (aged 43)

14. Maria Feodorovna

Maria Feodorovna
Female. wife of Paul I of Russia
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Feodorovna
Born on October 14, 1759
Died on November 5, 1828 (aged 69)

15. Claus Biederstaedt

Claus Biederstaedt
Male. German actor
First Name: Claus
Last Name: Biederstaedt
Born on June 28, 1928 (age 93)

16. Gustav Gerneth

Gustav Gerneth
Male. German centenarian
First Name: Gustav
Born on October 15, 1905
Died on October 22, 2019 (aged 114)

17. Heinrich George
Georg August Friedrich Hermann Schulz

Heinrich George
Male. German actor
First Name: Heinrich
Last Name: George
Born on October 9, 1893
Died on September 25, 1946 (aged 52)

18. Carlo von Tiedemann

Carlo von Tiedemann
Male. German television presenter
First Name: Carlo
Last Name: Tiedemann
Born on October 20, 1943 (age 78)

19. Eric of Pomerania

Eric of Pomerania
Male. King of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Kalmar Union
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Pomerania
Born on January 1, 1381
Died on May 3, 1459 (aged 78)

20. Magnus Hirschfeld

Magnus Hirschfeld
Male. German physician and sexologist
First Name: Magnus
Last Name: Hirschfeld
Born on May 14, 1868
Died on May 14, 1935 (aged 67)
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