List of Famous people born in Taiwan

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is a country in East Asia. Neighbouring countries include the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. The main island of Taiwan has an area of 35,808 square kilometres (13,826 sq mi), with mountain ranges dominating the eastern two-thirds and plains in the western third, where its highly urbanised population is concentrated. Taipei is the capital as well as the largest metropolitan area of Taiwan. Other major cities include New Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan and Taoyuan. With 23.57 million inhabitants, Taiwan is among the most densely populated countries.

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1. Audrey Tang

Audrey Tang
?. Taiwanese free software programmer
First Name: Audrey
Born on April 18, 1981 (age 40)
Born in Taiwan

2. Tsai Ing-wen

Tsai Ing-wen
Female. President of the Republic of China
First Name: Tsai
Last Name: Ing-wen
Born on August 31, 1956 (age 65)
Born in Taiwan, Taipei

3. Ko Wen-je

Ko Wen-je
Male. Taiwanese politician and physician
First Name: Ko
Last Name: Wen-je
Born on August 6, 1959 (age 62)

4. Liu Kuan-ting

Liu Kuan-ting
Male. Taiwanese actor
First Name: Liu
Last Name: Kuan-ting
Born on November 11, 1988 (age 32)

5. Jay Chou

Jay Chou
Male. Taiwanese singer, songwriter, actor
First Name: Jay
Last Name: Chou
Born on January 18, 1979 (age 42)

6. Austin Lin

Austin Lin
Male. Taiwanese actor
First Name: Austin
Last Name: Lin
Born on January 27, 1988 (age 33)
Born in Taiwan

7. Elaine Chao

Elaine Chao
Female. 18th and current United States Secretary of Transporation and 24th United States Secretary of Labor
First Name: Elaine
Born on March 26, 1953 (age 68)
Born in Taiwan

8. Tsao Yu-ning

Tsao Yu-ning
First Name: Tsao
Last Name: Yu-ning
Born on April 24, 1994 (age 27)
Born in Taiwan

9. Ko Chen-tung

Ko Chen-tung
Male. Taiwanese actor and singer
First Name: Ko
Last Name: Chen-tung
Born on June 18, 1991 (age 30)

10. Shuhua

Female. Taiwanese singer; member of (G)I-DLE
Born on January 6, 2000 (age 21)
Born in Taiwan, Taoyuan City

11. Alien Huang

Alien Huang
Male. Taiwanese singer, actor, TV show presenter, writer, illustrator and fashion designer
First Name: Alien
Born on November 28, 1983
Died on September 16, 2020 (aged 36)
Born in Taiwan

12. Chou Tzu-yu

Chou Tzu-yu
Female. Taiwanese singer
First Name: Chou
Last Name: Tzu-yu
Born on June 14, 1999 (age 22)
Born in Taiwan

13. Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng
Female. Chinese (ROC) singer
First Name: Teresa
Last Name: Teng
Born on January 29, 1953
Died on May 8, 1995 (aged 42)

14. Lee Teng-hui

Lee Teng-hui
Male. former President of Republic of China
First Name: Lee
Last Name: Teng-hui
Born on January 15, 1923 (age 98)
Born in Taiwan

15. Freddy Lim

Freddy Lim
Male. Taiwanese singer, actor and politician
First Name: Freddy
Last Name: Lim
Born on February 1, 1976 (age 45)
Born in Taiwan

16. Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai
Female. Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress
First Name: Jolin
Last Name: Tsai
Born on September 15, 1980 (age 41)

17. Jasper Liu

Jasper Liu
Male. Taiwanese actor and model
First Name: Jasper
Last Name: Liu
Born on August 12, 1986 (age 35)
Born in Taiwan

18. Megan Lai

Megan Lai
Female. Taiwanese actress and singer
First Name: Megan
Born on December 5, 1979 (age 41)

19. Annie Chen

Annie Chen
Female. Taiwanese actress and model
First Name: Annie
Born on April 28, 1989 (age 32)
Born in Taiwan

20. Chen Chi-mai

Chen Chi-mai
Male. Taiwanese politician
First Name: Chen
Last Name: Chi-mai
Born on December 23, 1964 (age 56)
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