List of Famous people born in Laos


Born on January 1, 1767
Died on January 26, 1829 (aged 62)

Chao Anouvong, or regnal name Xaiya Setthathirath V, , led the Lao rebellion (1826–28) as the last monarch of the Kingdom of Vientiane. Anouvong succeeded to the throne in 1805 upon the death of his brother, Chao Inthavong, Xaiya Setthathirath IV, who had succeeded their father, Ong Bun or Phrachao Siribounyasan Xaiya Setthathirath III. Anou was known by his father's regal number until recently discovered records disclosed that his father and brother had the same regal name.

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Sisavang Vong

First Name Sisavang
Born on July 14, 1885
Died on October 29, 1959 (aged 74)

Sisavang Phoulivong was king of the Kingdom of Luang Phrabang and later the Kingdom of Laos from 28 April 1904 until his death on 29 October 1959.

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Born on July 13, 1909
Died on January 9, 1995 (aged 85)

Prince Souphanouvong was, along with his half-brother Prince Souvanna Phouma and Prince Boun Oum of Champasak, one of the "Three Princes" who represented respectively the communist (pro-Vietnam), neutralist and royalist political factions in Laos. He was the figurehead President of Laos from December 1975 to August 1991.

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Sisavang Vatthana

First Name Sisavang
Born on November 13, 1907
Died on May 13, 1978 (aged 70)

Sisavang Vatthana or sometimes Savang Vatthana was the last king of the Kingdom of Laos and the 6th Prime Minister of Laos serving from 29 October to 21 November 1951. He ruled from 1959 after his father's death until his forced abdication in 1975. His rule ended with the takeover by the Pathet Lao in 1975, after which he and his family were sent to a re-education camp by the new government.

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Thu Kamkasomphou

First Name Thu
Born on October 12, 1968 (age 55)

Thu Kamkasomphou is a Laotian-French para table tennis player. She has won eight Paralympic medals for France.

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Born on July 12, 1912
Died on December 12, 1981 (aged 69)

Khamphoui was the Queen of Laos and consort to Sisavang Vatthana, the second King of Laos. She was arrested with the rest of her family and reportedly died in a re-education camp in 1982.

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Vong Savang

First Name Vong
Last Name Savang
Born on September 27, 1931
Died on May 2, 1978 (aged 46)

Vong Savang was the Crown Prince to throne of the Kingdom of Laos. After the Laotian Civil War in 1975, he and his family were arrested by the Pathet Lao and sent to re-education camps, where they died.

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Soulivong Savang

First Name Soulivong
Born on May 8, 1963 (age 60)

Crown Prince Soulivong Savang, grandson of the last King of Laos Savang Vatthana, is the pretender to the Lao throne. Laos was a monarchy until 1975, when the communist Pathet Lao seized control of the nation, causing Savang Vatthana to abdicate his throne. Soulivong Savang lives in exile in Paris.

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Kaysone Phomvihane

Nguyen Cai Song
First Name Kaysone
Born on December 13, 1920
Died on November 21, 1992 (aged 71)

Kaysone Phomvihane was the first leader of the Communist Lao People's Revolutionary Party from 1955 until his death in 1992. After the Communists seized power in the wake of the Laotian Civil War, he was the de facto leader of Laos from 1975 until his death. He served as the first Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic from 1975 to 1991 and then as the second President from 1991 to 1992.

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Choummaly Sayasone

First Name Choummaly
Born on March 6, 1936 (age 87)

Lieutenant General Choummaly Sayasone is a Laotian politician who was General Secretary (leader) of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and President of Laos from 2006 to 2016.

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