List of Famous people born in Andorra

Famous People
Names and Surnames

Quino Colom

Joaquim Colom Barrufet
First Name Quino
Born on November 1, 1988 (age 34)
Height 188 cm | 6'2

Joaquim "Quino" Colom Barrufet is a Spanish-Andorran professional basketball player for Crvena zvezda of the ABA League and the EuroLeague.

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Josep Gómes

First Name Josep
Born on December 3, 1985 (age 37)

Josep Antonio Gómes Moreira is an Andorran international footballer who plays for Inter Club d'Escaldes as a goalkeeper.

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Juli Sánchez

First Name Juli
Born on June 20, 1978 (age 44)
Height 168 cm | 5'6

Juli Sánchez is an Andorran international footballer. He currently plays as a forward for Inter Club d'Escaldes.

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Xavier Espot Zamora

First Name Xavier
Last Name Zamora
Born on October 30, 1979 (age 43)
Born in Andorra

Xavier Espot Zamora is an Andorran judge and politician. He is a former minister of justice and the current prime minister of Andorra since 16 May 2019.

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Márcio Vieira

Márcio Vieira de Vasconcelos, known as Vieira, is an Andorran footballer who plays for Spanish club Atlético Monzón as a midfielder.

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Max Llovera

First Name Max
Last Name Llovera
Born on January 8, 1997 (age 26)
Height 176 cm | 5'9

Max Llovera González-Adrio is an Andorran professional footballer who plays as a central defender for Spanish club FC Santboià.

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Marc Bernaus

First Name Marc
Last Name Bernaus
Born on February 2, 1977 (age 46)
Height 173 cm | 5'8

Marc Bernaus Cano is an Andorran retired footballer who played as a left back.

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Jaume Bartumeu Cassany

First Name Jaume
Born on November 10, 1954 (age 68)

Jaume Bartumeu Cassany, GCIH is an Andorran lawyer and politician, who served as head of government from 2009 to 2011. He was a founding member of the Social Democratic Party (PS) in June 2000, in which he held the position of first secretary between 2000 and 2004. He was the leader of the opposition at the General Council between 2005 and 2009.

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Antoni Martí

Antoni Martí Petit
First Name Antoni
Last Name Martí
Born on July 30, 1963 (age 59)
Born in Andorra

Antoni Martí Petit is an Andorran architect and politician who served as the Prime Minister of Andorra from May 2011 to 16 May 2019, when he was elected on the ticket of the Democrats for Andorra. He was re-elected in the 2015 parliamentary election.

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Marta Roure

Marta Roure Besolí
First Name Marta
Last Name Roure
Born on January 16, 1981 (age 42)

Marta Roure i Besolí is an Andorran singer and actress. She represented Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with her song "Jugarem a estimar-nos", earning the eighteenth place in the semifinal. It was the first time a song in Catalan language was performed at the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as Andorra's debut at the competition.

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Albert Pintat

First Name Albert
Last Name Pintat
Born on June 23, 1943 (age 79)
Born in Andorra

Albert Pintat Santolària is an Andorran citizen and was the former head of government of Andorra from 27 February 2005 to 5 June 2009.

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Marc Forné Molné

First Name Marc
Last Name Molné
Born on December 30, 1946 (age 76)
Born in Andorra

Marc Forné i Molné was the Prime Minister of Andorra from 7 December 1994 to 20 February 2005. After 2 full terms, he was succeeded by Albert Pintat after Pintat won the January 2005 election. He is a lawyer by profession, and was president of the Liberal Party of Andorra.

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Òscar Ribas Reig

First Name Òscar
Last Name Reig
Born on October 26, 1936
Died on December 18, 2020 (aged 84)
Born in Andorra

Òscar Ribas Reig was an Andorran politician, lawyer, and businessman who became the first Prime Minister of Andorra in 1982. He twice served as head of government, first from 8 January 1982 to 21 May 1984 and again from 12 January 1990 to 7 December 1994.

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Juli Minoves Triquell

First Name Juli
Born on August 15, 1969 (age 53)

Juli Minoves i Triquell is an Andorran diplomat, author, and the 13th President of Liberal International.

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Ludovic Clemente

First Name Ludovic
Born on May 9, 1986 (age 36)

Ludovic Clemente Garcés is an Andorran footballer who has represented the Andorra national football team.

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