List of Famous people named Dulce

Popularity of Dulce as a baby name

1. Dulce María

Dulce María
Female. Mexican actress and singer-songwriter
First Name: Dulce
Born on December 6, 1985 (age 35)
Born in Mexico

2. Dulce García
Dulce Margarita García Gil

Dulce García
Female. Cuban javelin thrower
First Name: Dulce
Born on July 2, 1965
Died on September 8, 2019 (aged 54)

3. Dulce Maria Cardoso

Dulce Maria Cardoso
Female. Portuguese writer
First Name: Dulce
Born on January 1, 1964 (age 57)

4. Dulce Chacón

Dulce Chacón
Female. Spanish poet, novelist and playwright
First Name: Dulce
Died on December 3, 2003 (aged 33)
Born in Spain, Extremadura

5. Dulce María Sauri Riancho

Dulce María Sauri Riancho
Female. Mexican politician; governor of Yucatán
First Name: Dulce
Born on August 14, 1951 (age 70)
Born in Mexico, Yucatán

6. Dulce Pontes

Dulce Pontes
Female. Portuguese songwriter and singer
First Name: Dulce
Born on April 8, 1969 (age 52)
Born in Portugal, Setúbal

7. Dulce of Aragon

Dulce of Aragon
Female. Portuguese queen consort
First Name: Dulce
Born on November 30, 1159
Died on September 1, 1198 (aged 38)
Born in Spain, Catalonia

8. Dulce of León

Dulce of León
Female. Leonese infanta
First Name: Dulce
Born on January 1, 1194
Died on November 30, 1247 (aged 53)

9. Dulce Constance Stanier

Dulce Constance Stanier
Female. 1897-1986
First Name: Dulce
Born on February 18, 1897
Died on January 1, 1986 (aged 88)

10. Dulce Nunes

Dulce Nunes
Female. Brazilian actress and singer-songwriter
First Name: Dulce
Born on June 11, 1936
Died on June 4, 2020 (aged 83)

11. Dulce FitzHerbert

Dulce FitzHerbert
Female. (1894-1960)
First Name: Dulce
Born on January 1, 1894
Died on April 4, 1960 (aged 66)

12. Dulce Fordyce Dingwall

Dulce Fordyce Dingwall
Female. 1888-1916
First Name: Dulce
Born on September 6, 1888
Died on May 3, 1916 (aged 27)

13. Dulce Saguisag

Dulce Saguisag
Female. Filipino politician
First Name: Dulce
Born on September 5, 1943
Died on November 8, 2007 (aged 64)

14. Dulce Quental

Dulce Quental
Female. singer-songwriter
First Name: Dulce
Born on April 13, 1960 (age 61)

15. Dulce Guimarães

Dulce Guimarães
Male. Portuguese actor
First Name: Dulce

16. Dulce Figueiredo
Dulce Maria de Guimarães Castro

Dulce Figueiredo
Female. 31st First Lady of Brazil
First Name: Dulce
Born on May 11, 1928
Died on June 6, 2011 (aged 83)
Born in Brazil, São Paulo
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