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List of Famous people with last name Banerjee

1. Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee
Female. Indian television actress
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on August 10, 1991
Died on April 1, 2016 (aged 24)
Born in India

2. Abhijit Banerjee

Abhijit Banerjee
Male. Indian American economist
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on February 21, 1961 (age 60)
Born in India

3. Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee
Female. Chief Minister of Indian state of West Bengal
Last Name: Banerjee
Born in India

4. Shakuntala Banerjee

Shakuntala Banerjee
Female. German journalist and television presenter

5. Abhishek Banerjee

Abhishek Banerjee
First Name: Abhishek
Last Name: Banerjee

6. Victor Banerjee

Victor Banerjee
Male. Indian actor
First Name: Victor
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on October 15, 1946 (age 74)
Born in India

7. P. K. Banerjee

P. K. Banerjee
Male. Indian footballer
First Name: P.
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on October 15, 1936
Died on March 20, 2020 (aged 83)
Born in India
Footballer, Sportsperson

8. Sarvadaman D. Banerjee

Sarvadaman D. Banerjee
Male. Indian actor
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on March 14, 1965 (age 56)

9. Dola Banerjee

Dola Banerjee
Female. Indian archer
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on June 2, 1980 (age 40)
Born in India

10. Nyra Banerjee

Nyra Banerjee
Female. actress
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on May 14, 1984 (age 37)
Born in India

11. Puja Banerjee

Puja Banerjee
Female. Indian television actress
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on February 6, 1987 (age 34)
Born in India

12. Dibakar Banerjee

Dibakar Banerjee
Male. Indian film director
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on June 21, 1969 (age 51)
Born in India, Delhi

13. Purnima Banerjee

Purnima Banerjee
Female. Indian activist
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on November 30, 1910
Died on November 30, 1950 (aged 40)

14. Kanu Banerjee

Kanu Banerjee
Male. Indian actor, stage, film and radio
Last Name: Banerjee
Died on January 27, 1983 (aged 13)
Born in India

15. Beena Banerjee

Beena Banerjee
Female. Indian actress
Last Name: Banerjee
Born on February 19, 1943 (age 78)

16. Ira Banerjee

Ira Banerjee
Female. badminton player
First Name: Ira
Last Name: Banerjee
Badmintoner, Sportsperson

17. Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee
Female. Indian director
First Name: Priyanka
Last Name: Banerjee
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