List of Famous people who died in 1946

Jack Johnson

First Name Jack
Last Name Johnson
Born on March 31, 1878
Died on June 10, 1946 (aged 68)
Height 184 cm | 6'0

John Arthur Johnson, nicknamed the "Galveston Giant", was an American boxer who, at the height of the Jim Crow era, became the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion (1908–1915). Widely regarded as one of the most influential boxers of all time, one of the period's most dominant champions, and as a boxing legend, his 1910 fight against James J. Jeffries was dubbed the "fight of the century". According to filmmaker Ken Burns, "for more than thirteen years, Jack Johnson was the most famous and the most notorious African-American on Earth". Transcending boxing, he became part of the culture and history of racism in the United States.

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John Logie Baird

First Name John
Last Name Baird
Born on August 13, 1888
Died on June 14, 1946 (aged 57)

John Logie Baird FRSE was a Scottish inventor, electrical engineer, and innovator, demonstrating the world's first working television system on 26 January 1926. He also invented the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube.

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Marcel Petiot

Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot
First Name Marcel
Last Name Petiot
Born on January 17, 1897
Died on May 25, 1946 (aged 49)

Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot was a French doctor and serial killer. He was convicted of multiple murders after the discovery of the remains of 23 people in the basement of his home in Paris during World War II. He is suspected of the murder of around 60 victims during his lifetime, although the true number remains unknown.

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Leo Reuss

First Name Leo
Last Name Reuss
Born on March 30, 1891
Died on April 1, 1946 (aged 55)

Lionel Royce was an Austrian-American actor of stage and screen, also known during his European career as Leo Reuss. He began his career in theater in Vienna, Austria in 1919, before moving to Berlin in 1925. Being Jewish, his work began to be restricted in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. Fleeing the Nazis he returned to Austria in 1936, where to hide his heritage, he created the persona of Kaspar Brandhofer, a Tyrolian peasant, and became a sensation as a natural actor on the stage in Vienna. When he admitted his ruse, he became blacklisted in Austria, after which he emigrated to the United States in 1937. He had an active film career in the United States, appearing in almost 40 films between 1938 and 1946. While on tour with the USO, he died in Manila in 1946.

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H. G. Wells

Herbert George Wells
First Name H.
Last Name Wells
Died on August 13, 1946

Herbert George Wells was an English writer. Prolific in many genres, he wrote dozens of novels, short stories, and works of social commentary, history, satire, biography and autobiography. His work also included two books on recreational war games. Wells is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is often called the "father of science fiction", along with Jules Verne and the publisher Hugo Gernsback.

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Ananda Mahidol

First Name Ananda
Last Name Mahidol
Born on September 20, 1925
Died on June 9, 1946 (aged 20)

Ananda Mahidol, posthumous reigning title Phra Athamaramathibodin, was the eighth monarch of Siam from the Chakri dynasty as Rama VIII. At the time he was recognised as king by the National Assembly in March 1935, he was a nine-year-old boy living in Switzerland. He returned to Thailand in December 1945, but six months later, in June 1946, he was found shot dead in his bed. Although at first thought to have been an accident, his death was ruled a murder by medical examiners, and three royal pages were later executed following very irregular trials. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death have been the subject of much controversy. He was the uncle of King Vajiralongkorn.

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Ernest Thompson Seton

Ernest Evan Thompson
First Name Ernest
Last Name Seton
Born on August 14, 1860
Died on October 23, 1946 (aged 86)

Ernest Thompson Seton was an author, wildlife artist, founder of the Woodcraft Indians in 1902 and one of the founding pioneers of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 1910. Seton also influenced Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of one of the first Scouting organizations. His notable books related to Scouting include The Birch Bark Roll and the Boy Scout Handbook. He is responsible for the appropriation and incorporation of what he believed to be American Indian elements into the traditions of the BSA.

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Louis Slotin

First Name Louis
Last Name Slotin
Born on December 1, 1910
Died on May 30, 1946 (aged 35)
Born in Canada, Manitoba

Louis Alexander Slotin was a Canadian physicist and chemist who took part in the Manhattan Project. He was born and raised in the North End of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After earning both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Manitoba, Slotin attended King's College London, where he obtained his doctorate in physical chemistry in 1936. Afterwards, he joined the University of Chicago as a research associate to help design a cyclotron. In 1942, he was invited to participate in the Manhattan Project.

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Hermann Göring

Hermann Wilhelm Göring
First Name Hermann
Last Name Göring
Born on January 12, 1893
Died on October 15, 1946 (aged 53)
Born in Germany, Bavaria

Hermann Wilhelm Göring was a German political and military leader and a convicted war criminal. Göring was one of the most powerful figures in the Nazi Party, which ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945.

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Jack Woolams

First Name Jack
Last Name Woolams
Born on February 14, 1917
Died on January 1, 1946 (aged 28)

Jack Valentine Woolams (1917–1946) - was the senior experimental test pilot and later chief test pilot at Bell Aircraft during the introduction of the P-39, P-63, P-59, and X-1 aircraft. He set a world record for altitude and was the first person to fly a fighter jet non-stop across the United States.

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