Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda
Henry Fonda

Henry Jaynes Fonda was an American film and stage actor who had a career that spanned five decades in Hollywood. Fonda cultivated a strong, appealing screen image in several films now considered to be classics, earning one Academy Award for Best Actor on two nominations.

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General Info
Date of Birth
May 16th, 1905
Birth Place
United States of America, Nebraska
Date of Death
August 12nd, 1982
Died Aged
Star Sign
185 cm | 6'1
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Commissioner Anthony X. Russell in Madigan
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Frank Broderick in Sex and the Single Girl
A Fugitive in The Fugitive
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Mr. Whitehead, President of Trojan Construction in Tentacles
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'Johnny' Street in I Dream Too Much
Alexander Moore in Lillian Russell
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