List of Famous people named Yandro

Similar names: Andre, Andrea, Andrei, Andrey, Andriy, Andree, Andra, Andray, Andrae, Andria, Andry, Andro, Andreea. Here are some famous Yandros:

Yandro Quintana

First Name Yandro
Born on January 30, 1980 (age 44)
Height 162 cm | 5'4

Yandro Miguel Quintana Rivalta is a Cuban wrestler who competed in the Men's Freestyle 60 kg at the 2004 Summer Olympics which were also his first Olympics. He won the gold medal by defeating Masuod Jokar in the final with the help of his coach Filberto Delgado. He stands 5'2 and 132 lbs. In 2003 he came in first at the Pan American Games. He now resides in Havana, Cuba.

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