List of Famous people named Olivera

Similar names: Oliver, Olivier, Oliviero. Here are some famous Oliveras:

Olivera Viktorovic

First Name Olivera
Last Name Viktorovic
Born on December 15, 1963 (age 60)
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Olivera Katarina

First Name Olivera
Last Name Katarina
Born on March 5, 1940 (age 84)

Olivera Katarina, also previously known as Olivera Vučo and Olivera Šakić, is a Serbian actress, singer and writer. She was one of the leading stars of Yugoslav cinema in the 1960s and the 1970s, and is probably the best known for her performance in Aleksandar Petrović's film I Even Met Happy Gypsies (1967), which won the Grand Prix at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival.

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