List of Famous people named Nikko

Similar names: Nick, Nikki, Nicky, Niki, Nicki, Nik, Niko, Nika, Neko, Nneka, Nichi, Nikka, Nicko, Nike, Niky, Niek. Here are some famous Nikkos:

Nikko Jenkins

First Name Nikko
Born on September 16, 1986 (age 37)

Nikko Allen Jenkins is an American spree killer convicted of committing four murders in Omaha, Nebraska, in August 2013. The murders occurred within a month after he had been released from prison after serving 10 and a half years of the 21 years to which he had been sentenced for a carjacking committed at age 15 and for assaults committed in prison. Jenkins stated that he had committed the killings at the command of the ancient serpent god Apophis. He was found competent to stand trial, found guilty of the four murders, and was sentenced to death in May 2017.

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