List of Famous people named Jeri

Similar names: Jerry, Jiri, Jiro, Jere, Jyri, Jerai, Jer. Here are some famous Jeris:

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Lynn Zimmermann Ryan
First Name Jeri
Born on February 22, 1968 (age 56)
Born in Germany, Bavaria
Height 169 cm | 5'7

Jeri Lynn Ryan is an American actress who played the former Borg drone Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, for which she was nominated four times for a Saturn Award and won in 2001. She has reprised her role as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard.

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Jeri Kehn Thompson

First Name Jeri
Born on September 30, 1966 (age 57)

Jeri Kehn Thompson is an American radio talk show host, columnist for The American Spectator, political commentator, and former political consultant for the Washington, D.C. law firm of Verner Liipfert. She has also worked for the Senate Republican Conference and the Republican National Committee. She was also employed with the public relations and lobbying firm Burson-Marsteller.

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Jeri Taylor

First Name Jeri
Born on June 30, 1938 (age 85)

Jeri Taylor is a television scriptwriter and producer, who wrote many episodes of the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager series.

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Jeri Laber

First Name Jeri
Born on May 19, 1931 (age 93)

Jeri Laber is one of the founders of Human Rights Watch, the largest human rights organization in the United States. She is the author and/or editor of dozens of Human Rights Watch reports and more than 100 articles on human rights issues published in the New York Times, The New York Review of Books and many other publications. Her memoir "The Courage of Strangers: Coming of Age with the Human Rights Movement" was published in 2002 by Public Affairs. She is co-author, with Barnett Rubin, of "A Nation is Dying: Afghanistan Under the Soviets," Northwestern University Press.

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