List of Famous people named Alfonso

Name Alfonso is among the most common names in Mexico, Spain, Italy. Similar names: Alphonse, Alfons, Alphonso, Alphons, Alfonzo, Alphonzo. Here are some famous Alfonsos:

Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón Orozco
First Name Alfonso
Last Name Cuarón
Born in Mexico
Height 183 cm | 6'0

Alfonso Cuarón is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, and editor.

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Alfonso X of Castile and Leon

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Leon
Died on April 4, 1284
Born in Spain

Alfonso X was the king of Castile, León and Galicia from 30 May 1252 until his death in 1284. During the election of 1257, a dissident faction chose him to be king of Germany on 1 April. He renounced his claim to Germany in 1275, and in creating an alliance with the Kingdom of England in 1254, his claim on the Duchy of Gascony as well.

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Alfonso XIII of Spain

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Spain
Died on February 28, 1941

Alfonso XIII, also known as El Africano or the African, was King of Spain from 17 May 1886 to 14 April 1931, when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed. He was a monarch from birth as his father, Alfonso XII, had died the previous year. Alfonso's mother, Maria Christina of Austria, served as regent until he assumed full powers on his sixteenth birthday in 1902.

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Alfonso Ribeiro

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Ribeiro
Born on September 21, 1971 (age 52)
Height 168 cm | 5'6

Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro Sr. is an American actor, dancer, director, game show host, and television personality. He played Alfonso Spears on the sitcom Silver Spoons, Carlton Banks on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Maxwell Stanton on In the House.

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Alfonso VI of León and Castile

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Castile
Born on May 31, 1040
Died on July 1, 1109 (aged 69)
Born in Spain, Galicia

Alfonso VI, nicknamed the Brave or the Valiant, was king of León (1065–1072) and of Galicia (1071–1109), and then king of the reunited Castile and León (1072–1109).

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Alfonso Sastre

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Sastre
Born on February 20, 1926
Died on September 17, 2021 (aged 95)

Alfonso Sastre was a Spanish playwright, essayist, and critic associated with the Generation of '36 movement. He was an outspoken critic of censorship during the reign of General Francisco Franco. His most noteworthy plays include Death Squad (1953), The Gag (1954), Death Thrust (1960), and Tragicomedy of the Gypsy Celestina (1984).

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Alfonso Prat Gay

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Gay
Born on November 24, 1965 (age 57)
Born in Argentina

Alfonso Prat-Gay is an Argentine economist and politician. Following the election of Mauricio Macri to the presidency on 2015, he became Minister of Economy of Argentina.

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Alfonso Pérez

First Name Alfonso
Last Name Pérez
Born on September 26, 1972 (age 50)
Height 178 cm | 5'10

Alfonso Pérez Muñoz, sometimes known simply as Alfonso, is a Spanish former professional footballer who played as a striker.

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Alfonso XII of Spain

Alfonso Francisco de Asís Fernando Pío Juan María de la Concepción Gregorio Pelayo de Borbón y Borbón
First Name Alfonso
Last Name Spain
Born on November 28, 1857
Died on November 25, 1885 (aged 27)

Alfonso XII, also known as El Pacificador or the Peacemaker, was King of Spain from 29 December 1874 to his death in 1885. After a revolution that deposed his mother Isabella II from the throne in 1868, Alfonso studied in Austria and France. His mother abdicated in his favour in 1870, and he returned to Spain as king in 1874 following a military coup against the First Republic. Alfonso died aged 27 in 1885, and was succeeded by his son, Alfonso XIII, who was born the following year. He is the most recent monarch of Spain to have died while on the throne.

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Prince Alfonso de Bourbon, Duke of Cádiz

Alfonso Jaime Marcelino Manuel Víctor María de Borbón y Dampierre
First Name Prince
Last Name Cádiz
Born on April 20, 1936
Died on January 30, 1989 (aged 52)
Born in Italy, Lazio

Alfonso, Duke of Anjou, Duke of Cádiz, Grandee of Spain was a grandson of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, a potential heir to the throne in the event of restoration of the Spanish monarchy, and a Legitimist claimant to the defunct throne of France as Alphonse II.

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