List of Famous people with last name Harimoto

Isao Harimoto

First Name Isao
Last Name Harimoto
Born on June 19, 1940 (age 84)
Height 181 cm | 5'11

Isao Harimoto is a Korean former Nippon Professional Baseball player and holder of the record for most hits in the Japanese professional leagues. An ethnic Korean, his birth name is Jang Hun. Harimoto has spent his life as a resident of Japan and adopted a Japanese name, but remains a Korean citizen, thus making him a Zainichi Korean. He was inducted into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in 1990 and now works as a television baseball analyst.

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Tomokazu Harimoto

First Name Tomokazu
Born on June 27, 2003 (age 21)

Tomokazu Harimoto is a Japanese table tennis player. In 2018, He won the 2018 World Junior Singles and Team Title at the ITTF 2018 World Junior Championship for Japan. The previous players to win the title were Kenta Matsudaira, Koki Niwa, and Jun Mizutani (Teams).

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Tenketsu Harimoto

Tenketsu Harimoto , birth name Zhang Tianjie, is a Chinese-born Japanese professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins club of the B.League in Japan.

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Masahiro Harimoto

First Name Masahiro
Last Name Harimoto
Born on October 13, 1990 (age 33)
Born in Japan
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Miwa Harimoto

First Name Miwa
Last Name Harimoto
Born on January 1, 2008 (age 16)
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