List of Famous people born in Queensland, Australia

Queensland ( KWEENZ-land,is a state situated in northeastern Australia, and is the second-largest and third-most populous Australian state. It is a federated state and a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, and is bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales to the west, south-west and south respectively. To the east, Queensland is bordered by the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean. To its north is the Torres Strait, separating the Australian mainland from Papua New Guinea. With an area of 1,852,642 square kilometres, Queensland is the world's sixth-largest sub-national entity, and is larger than all but 15 countries. Due to its size, Queensland's geographical features and climates are diverse, including tropical rainforests, rivers, coral reefs, mountain ranges and sandy beaches in its tropical and sub-tropical coastal regions, as well as deserts and savanna in the semi-arid and desert climactic regions of its interior.

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1. Ashleigh Barty

Ashleigh Barty
Female. Australian tennis player
First Name: Ashleigh
Born on April 24, 1996 (age 25)
Height: 166 cm | 5'5"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

2. Julian Assange
Julian Paul Hawkins

Julian Assange
Male. Australian editor, activist, publisher and journalist
First Name: Julian
Last Name: Assange
Born on July 3, 1971 (age 50)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"

3. Lyndon Dykes

Lyndon Dykes
Male. association football player
First Name: Lyndon
Last Name: Dykes
Born on October 7, 1995 (age 25)
Height: 188 cm | 6'2"
Footballer, Sportsperson

4. Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray
Female. Miss Universe 2018 from the Philippines
First Name: Catriona
Born on January 6, 1994 (age 27)

5. Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson
Male. Australian actor
First Name: Josh
Last Name: Lawson
Born on July 22, 1981 (age 40)

6. Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi
Male. Australian actor
First Name: Jacob
Last Name: Elordi
Born on June 26, 1997 (age 24)
Height: 194 cm | 6'4"

7. Jason Day

Jason Day
Male. professional golfer
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Day
Born on November 12, 1987 (age 33)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"

8. Kenneth Dougall
Kenneth William Dougall

Kenneth Dougall
Male. Australian association football player
First Name: Kenneth
Born on May 7, 1993 (age 28)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"
Footballer, Sportsperson

9. Wade Robson

Wade Robson
Male. choreographer, creative director, and songwriter
First Name: Wade
Last Name: Robson
Born on September 17, 1982 (age 38)

10. P. L. Travers
Helen Lyndon Goff

P. L. Travers
Female. Australian-British novelist, actress and journalist
First Name: P.
Last Name: Travers
Born on August 9, 1899
Died on April 23, 1996 (aged 96)

11. Mathew Belcher
Mathew Anthony Belcher

Mathew Belcher
Male. sailor
First Name: Mathew
Last Name: Belcher
Born on September 20, 1982 (age 38)

12. Rod Laver

Rod Laver
Male. Australian tennis player
First Name: Rod
Born on August 9, 1938 (age 82)
Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson

13. Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke
Male. Australian actor
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Clarke
Born on July 17, 1969 (age 52)
Height: 185 cm | 6'1"

14. Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush
Male. Australian actor and film producer
First Name: Geoffrey
Last Name: Rush
Born on July 6, 1951 (age 70)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"

15. Cody Robert Simpson

Cody Robert Simpson
Male. Australian pop singer
First Name: Cody
Last Name: Simpson
Born on January 11, 1997 (age 24)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"

16. Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones
Male. Australian professional wrestler and actor
First Name: Nathan
Last Name: Jones
Born on August 21, 1969 (age 51)
Height: 213 cm | 7'0"

17. Brenton Thwaites

Brenton Thwaites
Male. Australian actor
First Name: Brenton
Last Name: Thwaites
Born on August 10, 1989 (age 31)
Height: 182 cm | 6'0"

18. Diane Cilento

Diane Cilento
Female. Australian actress (1933-2011)
First Name: Diane
Last Name: Cilento
Born on October 5, 1933
Died on October 6, 2011 (aged 78)

19. Renee Gracie

Renee Gracie
First Name: Renee
Last Name: Gracie
Born on January 5, 1995 (age 26)

20. John Millman

John Millman
Male. Australian tennis player
First Name: John
Last Name: Millman
Born on June 14, 1989 (age 32)
Height: 183 cm | 6'0"
Tennis-player, Sportsperson
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