List of Famous people born in Istanbul, Istanbul Province

Selim II

First Name Selim
Last Name II
Born on May 28, 1524
Died on December 15, 1574 (aged 50)

Selim II, also known as Sarı Selim or Sarhoş Selim, was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1566 until his death in 1574. He was a son of Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Hurrem Sultan. Selim had been an unlikely candidate for the throne until his brother Mehmed died of smallpox, his half-brother Mustafa was strangled to death by the order of his father, his brother Cihangir died of grief at the news of this latter execution, and his brother Bayezid was killed on the order of his father after a rebellion against Selim.

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Murad IV

First Name Murad
Last Name IV
Born on July 27, 1612
Died on February 8, 1640 (aged 27)

Murad IV was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623 to 1640, known both for restoring the authority of the state and for the brutality of his methods. Murad IV was born in Constantinople, the son of Sultan Ahmed I and Kösem Sultan. He was brought to power by a palace conspiracy in 1623, and he succeeded his uncle Mustafa I. He was only 11 when he ascended the throne. His reign is most notable for the Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–1639), of which the outcome would partition the Caucasus between the two Imperial powers for around two centuries, while it also roughly laid the foundation for the current Turkey–Iran–Iraq borders.

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Justin II

First Name Justin
Last Name II
Born on November 30, 0519
Died on October 4, 0578 (aged 58)

Justin II or Justin the Younger was Eastern Roman Emperor from 565 to 574. He was the nephew of Justinian I and the husband of Sophia, the niece of the Empress Theodora, and was therefore a member of the Justinian Dynasty. His reign was marked by war with the Sassanid Empire, and the loss of the greater part of Italy. He presented the Cross of Justin II to Saint Peter's, Rome.

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Mustafa I

First Name Mustafa
Last Name I
Born on June 24, 1591
Died on January 20, 1639 (aged 47)

Mustafa I, called Mustafa the Saint during his second reign and often called Mustafa the Mad by modern historians, was the son of Mehmed III and was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1617 to 1618 and from 1622 to 1623.

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Enver Pasha

First Name Enver
Last Name Pasha
Born on November 22, 1881
Died on August 4, 1922 (aged 40)

Ismail Enver Pasha was an Ottoman military officer and a leader of the 1908 Young Turk Revolution. He became the main leader of the Ottoman Empire in both the Balkan Wars (1912–13) and in World War I (1914–18). In the course of his career he was known by increasingly elevated titles as he rose through military ranks, including Enver Efendi, Enver Bey, and finally Enver Pasha, "pasha" being the honorary title Ottoman military officers gained on promotion to the rank of Mirliva.

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Ibrahim I

First Name Ibrahim
Last Name I
Born on November 5, 1615
Died on August 18, 1648 (aged 32)

Ibrahim was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1640 until 1648. He was born in İstanbul, the son of Ahmed I by Valide Kösem Sultan, an ethnic Greek originally named Anastasia.

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Mahmud II

First Name Mahmud
Last Name II
Born on July 20, 1785
Died on July 1, 1839 (aged 53)

Mahmud II was the 30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1808 until his death in 1839.

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Arda Turan

First Name Arda
Born on January 30, 1987 (age 36)
Height 177 cm | 5'10

Arda Turan is a Turkish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Galatasaray.

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Mehmed IV

First Name Mehmed
Last Name IV
Born on January 2, 1642
Died on January 6, 1693 (aged 51)

Mehmed IV also known as Mehmed the Hunter was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1648 to 1687. He came to the throne at the age of six after his father was overthrown in a coup. Mehmed went on to become the second longest reigning sultan in Ottoman history after Suleiman the Magnificent. While the initial and final years of his reign were characterized by military defeat and political instability, during his middle years he oversaw the revival of the empire's fortunes associated with the Köprülü era. Mehmed IV was known by contemporaries as a particularly pious ruler, and was referred to as gazi, or "holy warrior" for his role in the many conquests carried out during his long reign.

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Abdülmecid I

First Name Abdülmecid
Born on April 25, 1823
Died on June 25, 1861 (aged 38)

Abdulmejid I, was the 31st Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and succeeded his father Mahmud II on 2 July 1839. His reign was notable for the rise of nationalist movements within the empire's territories. Abdulmejid wanted to encourage Ottomanism among secessionist subject nations and stop rising nationalist movements within the empire, but despite new laws and reforms to integrate non-Muslims and non-Turks more thoroughly into Ottoman society, his efforts failed.

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