Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen

Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, known professionally as Martin Sheen, is an American actor. He first became known for his roles in the films The Subject Was Roses (1968) and Badlands (1973), and later achieved wide recognition for his leading role in Apocalypse Now (1979), as United States President Josiah Bartlet in the television series The West Wing (1999–2006), and as Robert Hanson in the Netflix television series Grace and Frankie (2015–present).

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General Info
Full Name
Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez
Date of Birth
August 3rd, 1940
Birth Place
United States of America, Ohio
Star Sign
170 cm | 5'7
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Captain Benjamin L. Willard in Apocalypse Now
Roger Strong in Catch Me If You Can
President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing
Kit in Badlands
A.J. MacInerney in The American President
Jason Wynn in Spawn
Tom in The Way
Robert Hanson in Grace and Frankie
Gen. Robert E. Lee in Gettysburg
Highland in The Double
Warren Lasky in The Final Countdown
Father Juilliard in Trash
Narrator (english version) in Apocalypse: The Second World War
Robby Navarro in The Cassandra Crossing
Cal Jamison in The Believers
Artie Connors in The Incident
Timmy Cleary in The Subject Was Roses
James Jackson Sr. in Alex Haley's Queen
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